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Is this enough bling?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ozboater, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. #1 ozboater, Sep 14, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
    Well. I'm bouncing back from an enforced, but necessary absence from riding, if you don't count scooting around on the Burgman (which is really great fun).

    Several months ago I posted a thread while I was climbing the healing hump, and there were suggestions of changing style and getting a cruiser.

    Now, I know what DrSleepyDrSleepy would recommend, but that's a swing-over with a seat too high. And might be too quick.

    The Burgman has been so enjoyable to ride. Really relaxed and fun. I really seriously considered the Yamaha T-Max 530, and my next youngest brother would like me to get a BMW 650 scooter like him. I did take an Aprilia SRV 850 for a run, and boy, what a fantastic scooter, wonderful smooth ride, incredible brakes and handling, and really good, turbine like performance, with an engine close to my 900 SS. I think I'd have bought it, and would have if I was 180cm and able to bench press 100 kg.

    Step-overs, I've found, are really rather comfortable.

    Yeah, maybe it's time for a cruiser.

    The Aprilia was at North Coast V-Twins, and then I saw it...

    Just a weeny bit bigger than a step over, and Oh So Comfortable. It fit like a glove. And it's much lighter than the scooters I'd been looking at.

    So tell me.

    Is this enough Bling for the Life or Death comeback?

    Bling wheel.
  2. was reading this and thought you should try / think about a Diavel. Looks like you have already! You can get the dark if the carbon is too blingy for you.
  3. Bench press, huh??

    Sorry need more hints for the possible new bike, the wheel looks good but I have no idea what it is...
  4. It's a Diavel carbon rear wheel me thinks
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  5. Looks like one of these .... If it is then yes this is a suitable level of bling for a Life or Death comeback :p

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  6. #6 ozboater, Sep 14, 2016
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    Excellent call JayteeJaytee , and you too CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster . And thanks for sharing my joy.

    Here is my bike in the showroom.

    Bike 1.

    This is NOT me on the bike, but I like the sticker hanging off the handlebar. The mirrors are being changed back to the standard ones, which incidentally, I found were extremely good when I rode their test bike last Christmas, a week before the heart attack. I think I decided way back then, but just didn't know it would be part of my recovery.


    The Touring Pack, with panniers, pillion backrest and high screen will be put on when I bring the bike in for its initial service. I just want to ride it around for a bit with those wheels on full display.

    Yeah, this will be a fun chapter, and I hope I get to ride her with some of you, sometime .

    PS - thinking of calling her "pussycat"
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  7. ozboaterozboater. Finally someone has admitted Burgman 650 is fun. I know that and that's why I own one.
    Indeed it is heavy, but one can get used to it. Excellent cruiser too.
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  8. Congrats mate - Diavel is a bit of a smokey for next bike at the moment. Curious as to how it would go around tight twisties we have here around Brissy
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    Ours is the AN 250 Burgman, not the 650, but it is similar, and not only super comfortable to ride, it is the most practical bike I've ever owned, with 50 litres space under the seat. And the weight is very low down, so they are generally easy to manage.

    Once I rode it up the twisty Waterfall Way to Dorrigo, and I have to admit it was as much fun, but in a different way, to any bike I've ridden up the mountain (Ducatis Yamahas and plural Suzuki 1100s)

    My GP moved, so it is now a regular 100 km round trip each visit, and since I've been able to ride again, mostly I do that on the Burgman. (Thick gloves are a blessing for me now, with nerve damage in my hands). It handles the 110 kmh freeway sections fine. Your 650 was built for cruising. The venerable Bear rode one around Australia many years ago, and loved it.

    A few bike riders exhibit some disdain towards scooters, but I know its just because they've not ridden the right scoot. I reckon more than a few would enjoy it if the chance for a ride came along. Each bike\scoot has its place. And we are not getting rid of ours.

    Hope you have many years enjoying your Burgman, LongK. They are, indeed, great bikes.

  10. I will let you know soon, as my first ride will be up Waterfall Way to Dorrigo, for a coffee at 'The World's Smallest Motorcycle Museum".

    I was going to be away this week (more doctors, this time on Sunshine Coast), and put off delivery until next week, but I think I might be able to get it on Friday. This rain should be gone by then.

    The test run was on nice curvy roads (not twisty) out to Coramba, some town work and a freeway run up to Moonee and back - a good all round workout, which the Diavel dispatched with aplomb. It was a really comfortable, manageable and capable bike that is not as big to ride as it looks. Docile as a lamb in town.

    Disclaimer - I only rode it in 100 hp Urban mode, as I do not need to know what the unleashed 162 hp brutality is like. That is a delight for another time when the re-plumbed ticker is ready : )
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  11. best of luck with it all
  12. whos the hot chick ?
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  13. My secret weapon.
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  14. Looks wicked mate,good grab.
  15. I have to guility agree as-well, one of the best buys without going goldwing.
    Its one of the most comfortable and well balanced bikes I've ridden and easily soaks up the miles without much thought.
    Powerwise its a little sluggy compared to a bike but will quite happily cruise at 130km/h all day and be will match a commodore off the line to freeway speeds.
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  16. All the best...

    And congrats.
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  17. Congrats!

    I personally found the area BETWEEN life and death to be the most interesting.....why must it be OR?
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  18. Very Zen :)

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