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Is this deal worth the trouble...???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shori, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was considering transporting bike from interstate Cairns to Sydney.

    Just wondering what are some of the things I should consider before going ahead.

    It's a Ducati Monster 696+, 6000kms, $10000, good as new. Is it worth going through the trouble for such a deal? How much will the transport cost? The rear wheel will last another couple of thousand k's, how much does a new one cost?

    Any help will be much appreciated.


  2. I presume you mean the rear tyre and I presume you mean you want to buy a bike which is in Cairns and bring it to Sydney?
  3. Thats so embarrassing - Rare....what was I thinking.

    Anyways, your assumptions are right Hornet.
  4. can you get someone to inspect it?
  5. If your going to go ahead find a reputable mechanic in cairns and get them to check it out
  6. Can anyone suggest a mechanic or if someone can volunteer from the site, that'll be great I don't know anyone there.

    Had a chat with the seller and he said the bike is scratch-less and no issues.
  7. ask cejay
  8. I agree that you should get a reputable person there to inspect it...

    .... or someone reputable from Sydney to fly up there at your expense and ride it back :rofl:
  9. Bearing in mind that transport will be $500-$1000 and that inspection and rego fees and stamp duty (I assume) will add up, you're starting to look at a fair bit of wedge that you could spend on a bike that's more local. Combine that with the inevitable risk of buying a bike sight unseen and I'd be looking closer to home.

    Are good nick 696 Monsters that rare?
  10. shoulda thought of that myself. I'll do it. Doubt I'll be able to leave cairns for at least a week and it will involve a trip or two to the reef. and two weeks to get home seems about right.
  11. try this guy, Waynes Motorcycle Towing mctowing@westnet.com.au
    I think he wanted about $450 for Cairns to Sydney
  12. Haha best idea ever

    Get on google and search for motorcyle mechanics in cairns
  13. Have you tried asking the local bike shops? Wayne Leonard Motorcycles in Cairns, (07) 4051 2741 are the local Suzuki, Triumph, KTM dealer and the only Ducati workshop that far north.

    They buy most of their used bikes from down south and transport them up, so they probably have a means of shipping bikes back down.
  14. and it's never been ridden in the rain you say?
  15. As a former Ducati owner from Cairns, give these guys a try for the inspection
    they have a good Ducati trained mechanic, there not cheap though.

    There is no Ducati Dealer in Cairns, After Ducati stiffed Wayne Leonard, and the last dealer Cairns Pitstop went broke, no bike dealer in Cairns (prior to when I left Cairns 6 weeks ago) was willing to touch the brand, Didn't help that no one likes dealing with NFI (The Aussie Ducati importer)

    Once Pitstop Cairns folded, a lot of Ducati owners were left in the cold up there, and taking there bikes 400k's to Townsville for service or Warranty repairs, suddenly meant a lot of people were selling Ducati's.

    And 10k for a 696? Little to expensive, I'm pretty sure you can pick up one closer to you a bit cheaper. Also check if the bike had the coil wiring checked. Ducati issued a service bulletin for reversed polarity wiring of the Spark plug coils.
  16. Wow, good advice Mkey. I hope he takes it on :)
  17. Dont forget the money you part with once the bike is back here, stamp duties, 12 months CTP and rego, plus new plates etc $$
  18. Sounding much more like it'd be cheaper to buy locally.
  19. you'd be better off with this http://snipurl.com/165x98 by the time you add on the costs, as noted above

    and, it's in Wollongong, so I could test ride it for you :rofl:
  20. I'm with Mkey on this.

    10,000 is still a lot of money and by the time you've moved it that distance, you will add another 1-1.5k to the price once all the other factors are taken into account.

    I'm sure there are other 696's closer to you, heck, even if you went as far north as Brisbane and South to Melbourne you've got a pretty big net to cast.