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Is this bike worth it?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by boingk, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Seems kinda dodgy, but the price looks alright. Story is the guy is the second owner, bike not regoed, has a slipping clutch, no rear indicators & dinged tank but otherwise fine. Heres a pic:


    So, worth the hassle or just save the cash for something newer? I will most likely end up putting a replacement tank on the bike I end up with but thats beside the point.

    Cheers - boingk
  2. What's he asking?
  3. 2k, and the milage is just shy of 6,000km. Comes with new fork boots & seals plus a lower front sprocket & some good Motul oil.

    I'm thinking it'd be a good candidate for my around Australia bike as I'll be replacing the tank, rack, rear shock & other odds and ends anyway. Possibly also throw in a high-comp piston and Staintune system.

    - boingk
  4. I havent really looked at prices lately but you could probably get one with rego no sliping clutch and no dented tank plus a few accessories barkbusters etc and rego for a little bit more
    As i said i havent looked at prices lately
    How close to you is it
    Ofeer 1500 maybe he might take it
  5. slipping clutch after 6000km? It's be a nice buy if it were true but I think the speed cable has been disconnected on this one.

    It might be worth the money, but some porkeys mean more porkeys just around the corner.
  6. Yeah, thats what I was thinking, although the fellow says it works and was the unit on the bike when he got it. It really starts looking tempting if you don't mind doing the work to it, though, as parts aren't dear. $500 would see you with clutch plates and a high-comp forged piston, plus all the other rebuild gear like metal gaskets etc.

    As for aftermarket prices, they're predictably stupid. 5k for a 5y/o single-cylinder bike with 30,000km? No thanks. There are a few good buys out there, but they all seem to be in QLD. Could be an indicator that they're a bike people like to keep.

    - boingk
  7. can't you get a new one for about $6.5K?
  8. You're right - it does seem dodgy.

    More info might help, like papers or any other history, what year etc.

    It looks very, very shabby, but that is cheap.
  9. I saw that advertised and I thought that he was asking not much at all but I agree the kms was a worry, but I haven't seen many dr650's for that money so you can't really lose on it if you have to resell it
  10. That bike looks like it's done more than 6000 k's and why the new fork boots & seals so soon? is it an age thing?
  11. looks like it's done WELL over 6,000 k's.

    personally, i'd be looking elsewhere.

    however, if you can accept that the guy is lying to you (almost definitely) and that this bike will need money spent on it asap, then buy it.

    or just fork out a few more k's and get a new one.
  12. 2k is very cheap for a running DR. Personally I'd probably chance it 'cos at that price you could get most of your money back in spares without a huge amount of hassle.

    A slipping clutch indicates it's either had a very hard life or it's been round the clock (100,000 km odo on the DR) or been clocked. Mine's done 24k with a lot of urban drag starts and the clutch is still like new. That's all bitiumen though.

    New ones are $7.5k. I've not seen many used ones for less than $4.5k in any condition, although living in WA distorts my market view.

    I'd say buy it, but it'll need a looooong shakedown period before you can trust it.

    Oh yeah, and make sure it's all legal 'cos nothing screams "STOLEN" quite like a tatty, unlicensed trailie :D.