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NSW Is this anyones bike?

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Unconnected, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. ad removed.
  2. What bike was it and how much?
  3. [​IMG]

    EDIT: Screen shot
  4. LOL I posted up a thread questioning it being sus not long back as it was exact same pics and was also abruptly removed not long after I started the thread/first seen the ad (few weeks back)
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  5. When I was looking for my first bike i found a VTR on gumtree location Sydney with the same pics from a bikesales ad in Melb :p

    Needless to say I wasted their time haha.
  6. 2.800???

  7. I'll take 5 of them
  8. didn't it turn out to be American? I didn't know they released that colour scheme in Aus, I've never seen one like it here at least..
  9. WOW. This ad was still up until this week. I actually inquired about this ad a few weeks ago and emailed the seller. 100% stolen or scam. Apparently he is based in Western Australia and goes by the name, Robert Moore. Here's our email convo..

    The guy didn't get back to me after that.. funny how people actually do this..
  10. I like my bikes to be perfectly optical.
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  11. Woa, something similar to this happened when I was trying to sell my DRZ on ebay. Some guy contacted me and said he's moving to the US and he needs -me- to pay $1500 to the shipping company the next day. He would then reimburse me that amount with another $1000 on top the sale price of the bike later.

    He was being extremely impatient and a complete ********.
    That's when I stopped contact.

    But I know I realise it could have been a scam with the whole 'ebay buyer protection program' thing riddled all over his emails too.

    Makes my blood boil.

    I was lucky enough to find another buyer, and I handed over the keys physically, was a top bloke.

    Mofos like this shud be shot...along with scalpers who made me miss the Radiohead concert.
  12. That bike looks as if it has been under water. Either that or it's stolen. Dodgy as.
  13. 'Only done 2000km.'

    'Speedo is missing'

    Good laugh :D
  14. no pictures of the handlebars? are they missing as well?
  15. Lol, that's awesome. "It's like new." Headlight missing? No key? Like new?

    Gosh I'd hate to see a second hand bike from him.
  16. Hahaha reminds me of this
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