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Is this an online scam?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ghibli, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Hi guys
    I am selling my bike online for $4,200. Just receiced this message yesterday.

    Enquiry ID: 175189
    Date: Sun Dec 14 06:49:03 EST 2008

    Name: Neill
    Postcode: 5013
    Mobile Phone: 0463747342
    Home Phone:
    Work Phone: 0884657353
    Email: neill19877@hotmail.co.uk
    Comments: I just need to tell you that this is a very lovely bike you have gotten here and I am interested in buying it outrightly.For a quick sale, I will pay you 5000.00aud for it. I was planning going on physically to purchase the bike but could not due to the nature of my work as i am always on the move cos I am a marine engineer and I work with an International shipping company.the bike will be picked up at your location by my pick up agent I will be paying with my paypal account.so please do reply me asap with your paypal account or send me a payment request from your paypal account so i can effect payment to you rightaway. I await your reply
    NB:Honestly, I do not know the actual worth of this item because I?m always busy sailing. If my offer is not ok, Let me know so i can shoot up abit or bring it down as the case maybe.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    What do you think?
  2. lol, great deal! Transact ASAP before he changes his mind.


    Just in case...It is a scam
  3. sounds like a carbon copy of a message someone else posted a while ago. It is blatant bullshit to me by the sound of it
  4. Does "Neill" plan on riding it on the boat? He always busy sailing :LOL:

    SHOW ME THE [​IMG] first I say
  5. Tell him it's a misprint and it should be $14.500.00

    Yep, it's a scam.
  6. Tell him to pay his courier and that the courier should turn up to collect the bike with the $5000 in cash.
  7. Paypal are notorious for refunding money to the purchaser, often without even making any genuine enquires, prepare to lose 5G and your bike.
  8. he will more than likely use a stolen credit card number to transfer funds to your paypal, your bike will be gone and paypal will chase you for the funds, give the info to the cops.
  9. Or there'll be a cheque for 7 grand that they'll give you and you'll have to refund them 2... and then you've lost 2 grand cash and possibly your bike as well, depending.

    There are lots of ways to be scammed. Real people with real cash...
  10. COA :!:
  11. I would imagine that the moral of this story is, aside from "if it's too good to be true..." that all such transactions are to be made COD.

    Cash on the knocker, present to sign the transfer of rego forms (can't sell it with the plates without this info and the RWC).

    What is the protection for the seller for Paypal transactions in such cases?

    And where does the dough come from? My Paypal account is linked to my bank account. And it needs money in the account in order for me to pay for stuff using PP.
  12. I had a similer message when selling my car.

    Its a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Simply say to them that they must look at the bike before they see it.
    If not do not worry about buying the bike.
  13. Err... you thought it was legit?

    The only real option from here is to scambait them, and see how far you get. Google the 419 eater.
  14. scammers are scum!

    and the worst part is they seem to catch out the gullible such as our senior citizens... it bloody p%sses me off! :evil:
  15. A word of warning to anyone even remotely thinking this sounds ok.....PAYPAL themselves have more holes in their security than swiss cheese.
    I myself have had funds taken out of my bank account via bullshit purchases that i never made thru ebay and took me 6 months of constant emails, phone calls etc to recover anything (not the whole amount mind you).
    So yeah, it's definitely a scam, and as a side note, i'd advise ANYBODY who uses paypal to cancel their account asap to avoid the pain i went thru.

    Rant over :p
  16. I'm amazed that people have to still ask if these are scams or not.... :roll:
  17. Yep, I remember this one too, just a few weeks ago actually. Ignore it, move on. Definitely scam material.