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Is this a write off?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by v-petn, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Just picked up the bike from the repairer... He said he will email me the quote tomorrow but said the frame is cracked! Does did mean it's an automatic write off? IF not, how much would they charge for a new frame as I won't be accepting a repaired frame?

    All this from a guy revering into my bike from the front...
  2. What bike?

    My bro paid $4k to repair his zx6 frame, but that was probably 7 years ago.
  3. daytona 675
  4. i would have thought you would be going shopping
  5. Bit more info required:

    Repair costs
    insurance company
    Market value or Agreed value

    Example, if bike is worth 10K they'll spend up to about 7k. If the repairer says the damage to the frame is too extensive it will be classified a stautatory write off. Lots of variables and you can't do a great deal about it. Saying you wont accept a repaired frame is pretty pointless as you agreed to the contract aka the policy by paying your premium. They will tell you to read the pds.
  6. If you dont like the repaired frame, as Soon as you get it back trade it on a new one.
  7. Where's it cracked?
  8. I'm a little confused. Why did you pick up the bike before the assessor had a chance to give it the yeh or neh. He is the one with the say in the short scope.
    The shop will give it's quote to the insurance company. Then the assessor will come out and do his assessment. Meaning he will chop the repairers quote as finely as he can,then work out whether it's cheaper for them to repair it, or sell it at aution.
    If your panels are good there's a good chance they will write it off. If there's nothing for them to sell then they will look at the repair cost
  9. I don't see any mention of insurance in any of the OP's posts here...
  10. more info. i've got full comprehensive insurance with nrma... i'm not at fault and the other party is insured with AAMI... So I don't have to follow there PDS... Well that's what I believe so correct me if I'm wrong... It's insured for $16500 which includes accessories...

    So I think I'm well within my rights to demand new frame or write off... But I won't accept repair of the frame... anyone been in this situation?
  11. The dealer will email me the quote tomorrow with the exact details... NRMA told me to get a quote and they will get the assessor to verify if it's over $1500 worth of damage...
  12. i've heard of frames being replaced on jap bikes, IIRC they were ~4K, however that was 10 years ago.
  13. Then I'm with Bretto: confused...
  14. I'm with NK, yep he is confused!
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  15. Well the guy at fault is insured with aami but said he would rather pay for the damage without going through his insurance. I rang NRMA and they contacted him and he confirmed he was at fault. NRMA said they need 1 quote. If it's under $1500 then they won't need the assessor. But if it's over which it is as the frame is cracked, the assessor will now look at it...

    So how will this work? Will NRMA pay me out or will they make AAMI pay me out...
  16. NRMA will pay for it, then chase AAMI for the money.
    If you're letting NRMA handle it like this, you're certainly subject to the conditions of your own policy - read the PDS...
    I'm still confused though...
  17. really? I didn't realise... so what's the best option? I spoken with NRMA and have not paid excess as I'm not at fault... is it better for me to speak with NRMA and say put it on hold while I chase this up with aami? As mentioned I don't want a repaired frame on a bike that's practically brand new...
  18. Not sure what to tell you to be honest - I have a claim going right now, which is the only reason I'm familiar with any of it...
    If it were me, I'd probably leave it with insurance (after all, that's why I pay for it...), and trust they won't authorise an "unsafe" repair...
  19. Have your own insurance manage it. They WILL write it off. Hello new 675.

    Fark what the other bloke wants to do. When he sees the quote, he'll have a stroke!

    Your insurance company will recover their money from his directly.
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  20. Lol yeah tell me about it raven. He thought it was gonna be under 300 or so.

    I'll keep you guys posted