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Is this a roundabout or not?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MadAzz300, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. I went down to Homebush today, had to turn into George st off parramatta rd, then into a side street to chuck a u-turn and come back out (the place I needed to be was on the opposite side of Parra rd, and since I had never ridden there, I thought this would be my best option).

    This is where I was:


    There were no cars to my right, and one SUV coming from my left (when I started my turn, he was about where the "St" is in the picture). Suddenly the guy sped up and then skidded to a stop and threw me some dirties, shaking his head. That took all about 2 seconds to happen.

    So I need to know if this is classed as a roundabout or not (to me, it looks like one)? I'll be going back in a couple months for my next service and I don't want to make a mistake if I was in the wrong.

    - Lee
  2. The roundabout sign prior to the intersection would suggest so.
    (If i'm looking at the wrong place, sorry).
  3. Yeah.. well, I had to put this out there.. stupid question as it is.. because I noticed on streets like this (3 entry points), it happens randomly where people dont give way to the right. I did go slower, only because it looked like he was going straight through and I didnt want to become an ornament - maybe thats why he got the shyts.
  4. With a stupid little circle like that on the road its no wonder there's a few extra cars that don't give way.
    I can just imagine a couple of 60-something year old Victorians ploughing their way through a bike or two there.
  5. That's because they don't have to give way to the right. The road laws actually stipulate that you give way to any vehicle already in the roundabout (the "give way to the right" rule was phased out a long time ago, though it's surprising how many people don't realise it).

    So the SUV was definitely in the wrong, especially since they also seem to have failed to approach the intersection at a "safe and appropriate speed".
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  6. My father used to work at arnotts there, says it technically is a round about but no1 ever uses it as a round about.
  7. Did you indicate? If yes sounds like driver was a jerk... if not, maybe you should have...
  8. Sounds like a standard knob in his SUV with an "I'm bigger than you are" attitude. Surveys in the past have shown that many motorists haven't a clue when it comes to who has right of way on a round-about.

    Two round-abouts to be careful of in my area:
    • One about 300m from home that's a 4-way affair with one of the entrances being the driveway to Bayview Golf Club... you need to be on your wits as imbibing at the 19th hole seems to lead some to believe that have total right of way at all times.
    • Warriwood has a round-about that has give-ways on the actual round-about! I kid you not... kind-a hard to explain but the road has the round-about (on Ponderosa Pde) with industrial estate driveways as the side entrances. If you turn right on the round-about (opposed to going straight ahead on the main street) you need to give way to other vehicles entering the round-about. In my view this is bloody dangerous as it appears to be the only round-about where the normal "give way to any vehicles already on the round-about" rule doesn't apply.
  9. Nope, traffic on the Arc de Triomp roundabout has to give way to traffic entering.

    I'll get me coat...

  10. Yeah but the bloody frogs don't appear to follow road rules at the best of times.
  11. The lack of knowledge of roundabout is god awful.
    I have been cut off at least three times this year from cars going left from the right lane on dual lane roundabouts. Like we both pull up at the line beside each other, I am in the left lane and old mate just turns right. The old bag the other day just got on her horn then gave me the finger. Right in front of a bloody cop who was booking a car for running up the arse of another on the same friggen roundabout at the same time. I see an accident there every third day.
  12. I just read the roundabout road rules.

    For something that was created to improve traffic flow and reduce intersection accidents, it sure is complicated - 'specially when you throw in pedestrians, cyclists and animals..

    Might go grab a coffee, find a bus stop close to a roundabout, and watch the traffic for a while lol...

    Oh, and I did have my indicator on... guess I'll see what the next trip brings.

  13. Id personally do a u turn around the round about if theres no danger of being hit............BUT, if theres another car entering, id treat it as a non-round about.......

    Thats an unusual round about, Id think that most people would treat it as a normal intersection.
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  14. It really is so simple.
    If there is someone on it....be nice
    If there is someone on it who will need more room then the lanes provide.....be nice
    And lastly, Don't try and take them at 100kmp/h FFS
    People get so acclimatized to the speed they hit roundabouts and go strait through, or mostly clip them and roll.
    Bikes just lock up and slide into them or across the face of them when they hit a bit of crap on one.

    They may have been designed to be a good way of keeping traffic flowing. Now they are a cheaply maintained intersection and a good earner for the council, police and towing industry
  15. I remember reading somewhere that roundabouts were designed not to improve traffic flow, but to reduce the speed at which collisions occur to reduce serious injuries (which cost the Government money).

    Downside is they increase the frequency of collisions, but these only cost insurance companies and the general public money.
  16. True. Not as bad as Egypt though, I saw cars and trucks going in both directions around a huge roundabout at the confluence of about six multilane roads in Cairo :eek:

  17. Yeah, been there as well... couldn't work out how I never saw an accident in 3 weeks there with their manner on the road.