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Is this a reasonable public access motorcycle parking spot?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jomac, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. My 6 foot husband was ok with parking here at the allocated MC parking at our local shopping centre.

    So, I'm a beginner rider, have L plates on a similar Bonnie to the one pictured working towards upgrade. I noted gravel pits, ledge height, and cracked concrete and contemplated length of my legs and chickened out of giving it a go.

    Smug husband had a bit of a laugh at my expence as I pouted that only a stuntman could park there.

    Took these shots and wondered what others think.

  2. i don't see what your issue is :?
  3. Just the challenge of getting up the curb as a learner, I guess. Taking it straight on is the way (i.e. 90 degree angle between wheel and curb), but I think it's smart for you to estimate your own abilities and leave until later activities you don't feel confident with.
  4. Plus there's the potential issue of putting a foot off the side of the kerb when putting the bike on the side-stand - it *is* kind of challenging for a beginner in terms of bike control.
  5. Nice spot... :roll: fcukin hell who thought up that spot for bikes???
  6. Easy.

    But you need to come at the kerb as straight as possible, then turn once you're up the top.

    You also need to give just the perfect amount of revs to pop the bike up there without flying straight into the parked car on the opposite side.

    If you're on your L's and riding isn't just 2nd nature yet, maybe wait a little while, or practice on another kerb somewhere else where there isn't a car on the other side :)
  7. Could I blame centre management if i plowed into the car trying to get up the kerb? :D :p

  8. Nice bike, why not park on the footpath. Oh that's right sorry.

    Pretty straight forward park, if you need to practice try it at home untill you are comfortable.
  9. Re: Is this a reasonable public access motorcycle parking sp

    Why??? Nice bike!
  10. Riding abilities aside, I'm not sure the R6 would have the ground clearance to get up that kerb without scraping the bottom.
  11. Looks simple, just pop it up; I don't know how strict licensing is in WA but I question someones ability to ride on the road without being able to complete basic parking.


    Being a slopey curve should be more friendly then normal ones, do you have a problem with them? Didn't have a problem on an older r6 with normal curves (or any other 600 sports bike i've been on)
  12. It does appear to have been allocated without much thought. It's one thing to have to hop kerbs and risk cracks and soft areas when you're tucking a bike into a bit of spare space. It's quite another to have to deal with the hazards when it's a designated bike parking area where you really shouldn't have to.

    I don't know if WA is particularly bad for this, but I know of another parking area at a local authority office which is equally badly thought out. It's smooth, level and roomy. Great. Trouble is, it consists of nothing but painted lines on the bitumen along the edge of, and protruding into, a heavily trafficed access way in their car park, and right opposite some car spaces. basically a perfect spot to get your bike knocked or run over by either passing traffic or folk reversing out of the spaces opposite. I took some photos to send to the authority in question, explaining that at least some protective bollards would help, but I never got round to it and I think I might have deleted them. I tucked the Beemer in behind some bins instead.
  13. There's nothing "basic" about parking a bike up there! What a sh!thole of a parking spot -- but typical of the contempt with which most places treat motorcyclists. And I love the way they've painted yellow stripes around the cracks, rather than bothering to repair the bloody cement!
  14. I know the shoipping centre in Mandurah your referring to mate.

    If i were you, i'd write a nice letter to centre management thanking them for providing motorcycle parking. State that you use it regularly. Mention to them that although the facility is great, its a bit dangerous because of all the cracks, so ask them to repair the cement and make a nice little ramp up the curb.

    Local councils are generally quick to act when someone points out that a facility is unsafe, because they fear litigation. So if you mention it to the council, they may instruct the centre to repair it.
  15. Thought I'd get in before Joel spots it but

    You make concrete by mixing gravel, sand & cement. Cement by itself isn't much good and if that's actually cement would explain the cracking :wink:
  16. :LOL: :p
    it could be made out of blu-tac for all i care, the point is if someone provides a facility, then it needs to be of an appropriate standard.
  17. Re: Is this a reasonable public access motorcycle parking sp

    :LOL: :LOL:
    It's a bit piss poor isn't it. Duffman's on to it, get the Council to sort it out.
    There’s two pages of advice over here for handling kerbs. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=55001
  18. Thanks, I did see that post earlier - and to others with useful advice, I think I'd rather tackle that driveway first, atleast there's a bit of side space if you need to put your foot down and a bit of run on room with out a gravel pit.
    I suspect from some of the "so" responses that it is actually easier than it looks. I don't wish to learn the hard way. Only just had the Bonnie two days.
    I will look out for a nice curb to practice on.
  19. 10 points to your shopping centre for putting so much thought into making MC parking available .. :roll:
    Do-able , but a lousy spot to park a bike I say
  20. It's possible that it's concrete -- but knowing the WA penchant for doing things quickly and nastily, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it's cement. And if it IS concrete, it'll be cheap and weak ...

    Aside from the kerb and the cracks, my two concerns would be:

    1. (unlikely) If the Fire Brigade turns up, your bike would be unceremoniously turfed to get a clear run at the hydrants.

    2. (much more likely) Parking on the yellow "MC" letters -- where it's flat -- is just asking for some turkey to fling open a car door into your bike -- or for Junior to have a little "fiddle" while he waits for Mum to unlock the car and load the groceries ...