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is this a problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dexxl, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. morning,

    I've got a M50 suzuki. I noticed a really strange sound coming from it while riding home from work on friday night. sounded like a flat tyre. i stopped to check the tyre and it was fine. occasionally i also get a hollow whistling sound coming from it.

    i was checking the bike on saturday morning and touching each side of the motor (front and back). i realised that the back part of the engine heated up ALOT quicker then the front. and also the bottom exhaust pipe heated up alot faster then the top.

    i'm wondering if this is a problem and if the front cylinder is not firing properly?!?
  2. What is a M50?edit-ok I stopped being lazy and did a :google:
    Youre desciption is a bit vague too :-k cant quite work out what youre trying to say.Your gearbox casing to touch, wont basically warm up from idling, for at least few miniutes and even then be luke warm, once you have ridden the bike obviously it will heat up. But your head and especially exhaust, will be virtually instantly untouchably hot.
    If it isnt firing on 1 cylinder properly you will have a serious noticable effect when you open the throttle.The heat difference in heads I cant explain.
    More info please
  3. hmm okay let me try again. i'm not very fluent in tech talk so i'll describe the best i can.

    This is the bike i got
    it's a V twin engine, so it's got a front part and a back part (both sides of the V shape..)

    the front part, takes alot longer to warm up then the back part. is this normal? or should they both warm up at the same rate?
  4. you might have a hole somewhere.

    that would explain the noise and the temp would be effected in a patchy way by wind if there was a hole.

    otherwise im stumped
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Too funny.
  6. Unfortunatly Mr/Ms dexxl(your avatar gives no clues to your sex so please dont take offense)having never owned a V Twin, I couldnt tell you my experiences of them only from friends and the like.
    Only thing I can think is oil feed is more prominant on 1 head ,i.e. straight from the oil pump into that head then circulated to the other,but the difference in temp immeadiately from startup,and the heat differentiasl from the 2 heads, would be minimal,like absolute maximum 1 minute.Its the same oil thats being circulated,heating both heads and its the time it takes to get pumped around the motor from startup,which is fuggall.
  7. ^This is my mostest favouretest post on a bike forum EVAR :LOL:

    Oh and the whistling - is it always at a certain speed? Could just be wind finding a hollow somewhere... could even be your helmet :eek:
  8. Front side could stay cooler because it gets the oncoming wind flow first too. Could test that by letting the bike idle stationary for 10 min or so and seeing if the temp difference is still there.

    If it's idling OK, though, it's unlikely that one cylinder of a twin is not firing... it'd be choppy as h3ll if that were the case. I assume the noise is new...? And you've checked the oil and so on...? If all those assumptions are correct, time to take it to a mechanic, I reckon.
  9. Dexxl,
    a few riders here with M50 bikes.

    Where are you? State/suburb.

    Happy to compare my bike with yours, and see if the noise is normal or not.

    I am in Ferntree Gully Victoria.
    PM me if this will assist.
    I am in email conatct with a few others in NSW, Qld and NT. Let me know and we can maybe assist you.
  10. thanks for the comments.

    i'm due for a service in about 300km so i'll definately mention it to the mech. i'm must afraid that they'd change the oil and spark plugs and tell me that everything is fine.

    peter-reebok: i'm in brisbane,QLD
  11. A liquid cooled bike will run at a fairly even temperature.
    On the M50, the fins are mainly a styling feature (?), and do not serve the same purpose as those on an air cooled bike.

    The rear cylinder is No 1. The front cylinder is No 2.

    The hollow whistling sound may be the fuel pump? It as EFI bike.

    If I was unsure at all on my bike, in the first 1000km, I would take it down anyway to the dealer, and ask for help.
    In my experience, the first service is essential, but the dealerships do the bare minimum necessary. I requested one task to be done, and despite their bleatings that they had done this, it was blatantly obvious that it had not. I will mqaintain my bikes myself. That way, I am sure that things get done... at all!
  12. Maybe try some of these things to better find the problem-
    Better without a helmet (so you can hear), but obviously dangerous and illegal, and I'll probalby get shunned for suggesting so.
    1. Get the bike up to speed, until whistleing starts. Hold the clutch in. Does noise dissapear?
    2. Get up to speed, until whistling starts, apply rear brake... Noise?
    3. Get to speed..... Pull in clutch, hit the kill switch... Noise? (remember to come to a full stop with clutch in, and kill swithc off, or bad things may happen!)
    4. Does the whistleing occur at idle? ate certain speed/gear/rev?
    Answering these questions will narrow it down.
  13. annoying whistle

    You could adjust you headlight aim. An annoying whistle on my M50 disappeared after this change.