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Is this a myth or fact about motorcycle helmets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by drewzor, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Recently I destroyed my collar bone in a surfing accident.
    It fragmented into 7 pieces and was pushing out of my chest in a big way.

    I was lucky to get a specialist who was capable to reconstruct it and use a titanium pin to rejoin the clavicle.

    So here is what I've heard from a few friends, Motorcycle helmets are designed to break your collar bone to save your neck
    Now, with a titanium pin re-enforced collarbone I'm not sure how that would go down but I'm guessing very painfully.

    So is it true? are motorcycle helmets designed to sacrifice the collar bone to save your neck?
  2. Sounds like nonsense to me.

    Motorcycle helmets are designed to spread the force of an impact across the carcass of the helmet in order to prevent a direct blow to the head. They are more about reducing the risk of brain injury.

    That's a damn nasty break you've got there though. :shock:
  3. I have NEVER heard that.

    Motorcycle helmets are designed to spread the force of an impact out, and lessen it to prevent your skull shattering into 18 pieces and your brains leaking out onto your carbon fibre tank protector.
  4. They are designed to stop your head coming to a sudden stop, and inetia compressing your brain against the side of your skull. The foam compresses and your head decelarates over a longer distance and at slower pace. The collar bone isn't sacrificed at all.. It isnt even damaged in a crash. To damage it from a helmet, the force would have to compress your spine untill the helmet reaches your collar bone. You would be dead by then. A proper fitting helmet will go nowhere near your collarbone
  5. Motorcycle helmets are so you don't have to grab a basket when you go the supermarket.
    Just remember to close the visor, otherwise the peanut M&M's will fall out onto the ground.
  6. Motorcycle helmets are designed so only part of your face gets sunburnt in a near-perfect oval.
  7. lol bonk
    Cheers everyone
  8. Motorcycle helmets are designed to produce a high-pitched whistle in your right ear at 96km/hr every time your head moves slightly to check your mirrors.
  9. ^^ Yep!!! I have an annoying whistle in mine at slight angles... it gets drowned out at faster speeds from the sheer wind noise... (AGV helmet wind noise FAIL!)
  10. If helmets did that then why the need for dedicated neck braces?

  11. I hate it when that happens :-s
  12. Yeah i've got the helmet whistle, if i have it fully open and do about 60km\h it will whistle really loud and i have to click it down one notch so its not fully open.
  13. Motorcycle helmets are designed to drive the earphones of most available mp3 players into your inner-ear, painfully towards your brain in the same time it takes for your motorcycle to use a single tank of fuel.
  14. First I've heard about it. Cool Xray that, I bet that hurt.
  15. motorcycle helmets are designed to funnel insects, road grit and other such nasties directly onto your visor at speed (or into your face if you leave the visor open)
  16. The most common injury an racing would have to be colar bone/shoulder as that's what usually hits the ground after the helmet in a highside.

    Those parts of the human body aren't designed to take an impact like that so something has to give (break).
  17. And if you are worried about collar-bone injuries - try one of these
  18. helmets are designed with nice crevices so that you can never get that bit of bug out again.
  19. Yes. Yes, it's true.
    ...Like it's also true that the 'Brace' position during emergency landings is designed to painlessly break your neck, so that you don't suffer horribly during the crash, and/or you can't sue the airline company for your ongoing health bills.

    It's all one big conspiracy....8-[8-[8-[

    "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me."

    Actually, just in case Sarcasm doesn't translate too well online:
  20. Because someone complained about their broken collarbone, resulting in neck brace designers relocation the stresses to the sphincter... when really, a good kick in the arse would have had the same result.