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Is this a L.A.M.S. bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hadsom, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. My apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    Last night I was travelling home through the shopping area of my town and I saw an ER6-F parked nose in in a parking spot, sporting an L plate.

    I was a bit concerned because the last time I was in the local Kawasaki shop (which was just before LAMS came in) the owner didn't know much about the new system. I was concerned perhaps the rider was told this bike is LAMS and thought "you beauty.. I'll have one". Misinformed and possibly in for some strife if they get pulled over or have an accident.

    Rider I gather to be fairly new, as they had a disc lock on the bike in a fairly passive town and they parked in an angled car parking spot when every other rider generally parks on a larger section of footpath only about 50 metres away.

    Am I wrong? Is it a LAMS bike and I am following the wrong links to the Vicroads list?
  2. not a LAMS bike, sorry
  3. That's what I thought.

    In that case the rider must have been misled on the sale.

    Or they are stupid! Putting an L plate on an unapproved motorcycle is just asking to get in trouble.

    If you are going to ride outside of your restriction I would have thought you would do as little as possible to attract attention to yourself.
  4. Kawa haven't released their LAMS models as far as I'm aware. I did see a new SV650S sporting L plates, so I guess the new LAMS model of that is out already.
  5. Definitely not a LAMS bike. You can see by looking at the rego label if it says LAMS on it. Thats were Police look if they have no idea on the bike.

    In the UK there has been some 25kw restricted ER-6's, but whether thats true or not.
  6. maybe it was an ER5
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    No not a ER5, i found a brochure on it and the kit that makes it 25kw. Click on this link and zoom in on the orange bike and you'l see genuine kawasaki 25kw power down kit. I researched a bit on these bikes and made a call to people incharge of updating the LAMS list for RTA, and the guy said, even if you bought it/fitted it, the bike would have to be tested by them, even then they will still disapproved of it as they only look at bikes brought out as LAMS.


    This bloke reckons his is!!!
  8. i wonder how easy it is to remove restrictions on bikes?

    one could easly get a restricted bike like the hyo650 and replace the carb slides to an unrestricted from the wreckers and violla full hp

    and your sticker still has LAMS on it, and how would the cops know?
    introduce RPT (Random Power Tests) dont think so, Id like LAMS to stick with their under powered motors without restiction devices
  9. I was speaking to a guy in wodonga who lost his licence years and years ago and when he got a bike again he was allowed a bigger one (above 260cc) but had to display a L plate. he carried the papers proving he was allowed to ride a larger bike.

    Don't know how that system works.
  10. Sounds similar to what happened to my grandfather with his car licence. He had his licence cancelled for medical reasons for a few years. When he was cleared and got it back he was issued a learners permit but didn't have to abide by the restrictions a learner normally does.
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  12. sblack - I think the loss of licence thing and going back to L's is essentially doing away with the traditional point system for that driver. Seeing as the licence doesn't carry points, basically any offence may get it suspended. EDIT: Kind of like a probationary licence, or something.

    I think thats it anyway.

    As for bikes not on the LAMS scheme, I know a few mates who couldn't care less. Not that they are riding around on non-approved bikes, but the attitude they got from cops was that they didn't really mind as long as they weren't pulling wheelies at freeway speed and burning it up in shcool zones. 'You've been pulled over for an RBT...righteo, you're clear. Your helmet strapped up? Righteo, on your way mate.' No licence check, no rego check, no removal of helmet.

    I'm not advising ANYONE to hop on a litre bike first day of their license, but I'm saying that the police [in mates and my own experience] emphasise roadcraft over lawful bikes.

    Cheers - boingk
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  14. Mobile dynos? :grin:

    You'd have every sportsbike rider rocking up asking for a run :LOL:
  15. And,

    60kmh instead of 50kmh, whoahhoo don't go crazy :LOL:
  16. +1 was just thinking it'd be a cheap dyno day.

    "Guys the cops have a mobile dyno on dandinong road" lol
  17. You never know, but most likely wont be introduced. What if they put it on this dyno, rev it out and blow up/damage something, then they'd be liable wont they. They have to know what they are doing.
  18. Since Suzuki have made a LAMS ,...SV650 ..SV650S and the GSX650F.

    I think the ER6 will soon be out in a LAMS model ....just looked at the Kawasaki website the new ER6 is not out yet, is it.??? :?
    If you like this bike find a HUGE kawai dealer and ask the boss ,if he knows any thing. :wink:

    I read some where that Kawasaki or Yamaha is looking to make some of there 600cc bikes LAM's ,but can't find the magazine it was in. :roll:

    If I was in the market for a new LAMS bike I would be waiting a few months to see what Kawasaki and Yamaha do to match Suzuki.
    In the UK the GIXXER 600 come in a learner mode. :cool:
  19. not yet!

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