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Is this a good offer...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Shori, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    This post is in relation to my earlier post - Repairable Write-off Sale Issue. But different somewhat, therefore thought of creating a new thread.

    I went to a dealership today and inquired about trading in my:

    - 2010 Triumph Street Triple (repairable write off when I got it at 1500kms and now done 17000kms and have had it for almost 2yrs - no issues. The minor damage to the front was fixed by my buddy I got the bike off)

    I'm looking to upgrade to a Speed Triple and this is what the dealership offered for $13000 with trade in:

    - Orange 2009 Triumph 1050cc Speed Triple 2915km
    - Extras - Arrow slip-ons, Gel seat, Grab Rail & Speed Triple Fly.
    - 1yr rego
    - 1yr extended warranty (covers $6k worth parts & labour). So total 15 months warranty. As, in NSW the dealership has to give 3 months warranty by default for used vehicle sale.

    Link to the bike - http://www.teammoto.com.au/used_bik...mit=10&make_id=10&model_id=57&stock_id=515876

    I have to spend $5500 on top with trade in.

    My questions based on the fact that I will only be keeping the bike for a yr:

    - In your opinion is it a good price? (it works out that I'm getting $7800 for my bike)
    - Do you think it will have a good re-sale value? (I think it will, just not sure about the popularity of this orange colour)

    Most important of all - The bike is w/t QLD dealership and they will only ship it after a deposit paid.

    - Is it worth the risk to buy a bike I have not seen and ridden. They stated its scratch less and no accidents.

    I will call them on Mon to see what we can work out in terms of the fact that I have not even seen the bike. Reduce the price or I can see and make a decision. Since they were confident its in good nick - why not let me try it and then and pay, is my argument.

    Apologise for a rather long post.

    Thanks again.

  2. "why not let me try it then pay"

    How about you send me your bike, I'll try it for a week then if happy I'll pay....


    Don't worry if WE think it a good deal or not.....what do YOU want?
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  4. [MENTION=33261]cougs[/MENTION] - Will you buy a bike you haven't seen??? I'm not asking for a wk. Just want to see it and test ride it...before I pay.
  5. do it for 5k
    they left room for negotiation by rounding it to 5 and a half.
    you don't take the first offer. leave them your phone number.
    offer 5k or you walk out the door. simple.
  6. I don't think it's a bad deal, but it sounds like more of a cross-grade than an upgrade to me. Why spend the dough to go from one nice bike to another?

    Also, I get suspicious when I see such low odometer readings for a bike's age. 2900km in three years? I've done nearly that much on my fz8 and it's not even three months old.

    nothing against the dealer, but I wouldn't buy a bike without seeing it.
  7. If interstate and I couldn't get there then yes, in certain circumstances (ie I had a heap of photos, documented claim of what condition it was in and and documented warranty/return agreement)

    Its not the dealers fault that you can't see it - not having a go but if you seriously think they will let you have it "on the promise of payment" then you're kidding yourself.

    Would you let your current bike go wothout payment? I alluded to that before but you answered with a question rather than an answer
  8. Plenty bikes out there with low mileage - you'd be amazed how many people buy em and dont ride em. When I bought my current one it had less than 6k and was 5 years old
  9. Yes there are good bikes with low km. You never know, the previous owner could have been an old lady who only rode it to church on Sundays.

    I'm definitely not saying you shouldn't get it. Just make sure you'll be happy with the change. I'll confess I'm a fan of street triples. But the speed triples do look and sound very nice (haven't ridden one so can't so how they ride).
  10. Thanks guys for your opinion.

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum will be kind of enough to check it out and test ride it for me. The bike is in Moorooka - QLD.

    I dont mind covering the fuel cost and offering a monetary reward.

    Thanks again.
  11. It does sound like a good deal to me, though as other said try and knock them down just a little more. As long as you're getting a contract stating the kms, vin or eng numbers etc you should in theory be fine. Not much damage can be done in only 3000kms. Ps the orange color is awesome.
  12. Theres a story on here that you can do a search for, Interstate purchase, promises of condition, buyer paid and had the bike shipped, got the bike and it didnt match the description, had a helluva time getting the shop to do anything, From a brisbane dealer as well I think..
    Personally, if you want it, go for a ride and check it out in person,
    As they say in the classics,
    Let the buyer Beware.
  13. Fly me up there,I'll check it out and ride it to your door.
  14. I did get my bike from a teammoto dealer in Brissy, had it trucked down by ROADHOG TRANSPORT(spot on time), and it was a good deal. No issues. As a part of the deal I got them to put on accessories like ventura rack, oggy knobs and tank protector.
    My son got the same bike from a private sale in QLD and trucked down similiarly, Both sight unseen and we were lucky the bikes were great. The transporter was expensive $500 to our door, but safe so worth it. Anyways, if one had to fly up there and stay a night at a motel on the way back it would have come to the same. Of course if you do manage to get a forum member to eyeball it you would be happier.
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  16. why are you keeping it for only a year?

    if you're just going to change bikes again, why not keep the bike you have currently..

    i don't get it.. whats the point
  17. I bought my ZX6 without seeing it, my brother bought it for me.

    As long as you have ridden one and you are happy with how they ride I would be fine with it. You can't really damage a bike in 3000kms.

    You could always say $300 deposit only, that should cover the shipping so they should be ok with that (as they won't lost money if you pull out), then see it when it gets here, there is really a very slim chance there will be something wrong.
  18. Because he can.
  19. Change bikes as often as you can, gotta get them all.