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Is this a good deal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spacesuit_spew, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'll be buying my first bike sometime over the next few weeks (yay me) and I've been reading all I can, test riding a few and asking questions everywhere.

    Today I test rode a bike I really love. I think I might get it but wanted to check in here first to see what others think of the price.

    The bike is a 2005 Harley 883 Custom Sportster. It has 4500km on it, two-tone paint, screaming eagle pipes, h/p air filter, custom chrome grips and pegs, touring seat and sissy bar. The local Harley dealer said he will do it for $12,500 on road.

    Does this sound like a good deal?? I really love this bike.

    The only other bike I have left to test ride is the Hyosung GV650 which I'll be doing on Wed. The GV650 is the bike I originally wanted, but as it turns out it'll be the last bike I test ride. I wasn't really looking at Harleys but after riding the Sportster today I'm seriously leaning toward it instead.
  2. Hey.

    There's a 2006 883 sporty going at Geelong Harley right now for $12,650 asking price.

    Really don't know much about hogs, but a quick net search can get you a good idea of comparative values.

    Ride the Hyo before you buy anything. How'd you find the vibes on the Harley? Last time I rode an 883 it nearly rattled my fillings out. Fun for a little while, numb bum and tingling hands in about 20 minutes in traffic.

    But if you love it....

  3. Hi OB,
    I was surprised how smooth the Harley rode and handled. No numb bum, but I was only on it for around 20min. It seemed to be just as nice on the highway as it was in traffic.

    Do you have any views on the Hyosung?
  4. Spacey -

    Watch this space. There are plenty of people on these forums with good things to say about the Hyo. I haven't ridden one, but stick around and you'll bump into people who have. They certainly seem to love 'em.

    Meantime, get on the phone and price some parts and service costs for each bike, all the common consumable stuff like chains, belts, filters. That'll help you to make an informed choice.

    I'm certainly not trying to talk you out of the Harley, but by the same token, do your research. I'm sure that if you were to title a post "Hyo vs. Harley" or similar you'd get an instant flood of posts.

    All the best with this.

  5. My view on the Hyosung is to get the Harley

    Sportsters made after 2004 have a rubber mounted engine so much smoother masaging effect rather than vibration.

    Sounds like a pretty good deal compared to This One seems comparable but has high kms
  6. check out the suzuki boulevard M50 or the C50 800cc shaft drive, EFI ..........SMOOOTH ride ,you can pick one up for $10,500 -$11,000 ride away.

    And welcome.
  7. That's why girls like Harleys.

  8. Never forget the price they say is what they'd like. Doesn't take much to get it down a little. At that price would be VERY easy to get it down 500 without any effort.

    My bike was priced at 6500, bought it for 5000 :)
  9. Oh, yeah, and Spacey, I forgot last time to say...


    I can be such a rude, forgetful bastard at times.

    Oh, and hOnd@, is that also why my fiancee used to like my Ducati so much?


  10. Welcome Cosmo Chunder ;)

    Can't really help you out, I have NFI about both of em :)
  11. PM DuHAST about Harleys and Pete the Freak about the Aquila before you buy anything...

    And welcome :)
  12. It sounds a little dear. I've heard some horror stories about the devaluation of 883s, but they were probably pre-2004 models.

    Accessories aren't worth much once they are fitted.

    If you can get a bit more out him, say $11500 then it would be a prety safe bet.
  13. wow everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Thank you all :grin:

    old blue thats good advice about pricing parts and services for both bikes, I wouldn't have thought of that -thank you

    h0nd@ my exboyfriend had a Harley, when we broke up I missed the Harley more than him :wink: Hence I got my licence and now I'm getting my own bike.

    phizog I'll do that. The dealer had it originally priced at $13500 and didn't blink when he took $1000 off it without me saying anything. I'm sure he would go lower if I pushed it.

    hornet600 thank you I'll PM both of them.

    and thank you to everyone else who has replied!
  14. evolution harleys do not shake and vibrate as much as the pre evo's.

    problem is that most people tar all with the same brush. my old evo sporty was a dream.

    as for the sporty itself, they are one of the most popular units... probably value for money harley compared to the big toys.

    certainly a sporty 883 will give you more passion and resale than a jap or korean cruiser.
  15. Welcome to the forum O chucky space suited chick.

    Dont realy like the cruiser bikes but whatever floats your boat, just thought i'd hijack the thread to say Hi. :)
  16. Space -

    Be sure to let us know what you wind up buying, okay? I'm not due for a new bike for quite some time, so I have to live the experience vicariously. It keeps me young...oh, hang on...too late!

  17. Thanks for the welcome Woodsy

    lol Blue, I hear you. I'm thoroughly enjoying this bike buying business. Most of all I cant believe how friendly bike riders are. I went to the Motorcycle Show in Bris a few weeks back and was overwhelmed how helpful and friendly everyone was. Its like joining a big family.
  18. Dude........

    No offence... Buy the damned Harley :) ... The price is fair(ish).... talk them down $600 though... Walk in there, show them the cash...... (write out a cheque for 11,900 before you show up, and show it to them)....

    You will walk out of there with that bike...

    I am not a cruiser fan, but if you are going to buy one.... buy a real one.....
  19. space -

    After all these years (32 on bikes, 24 on the road...) the "family" thing still amazes me. Been to Phillip Island for a race day? I swear you could walk around dropping $20 notes and people would pick them up, tap you on the shoulder and give them back.

    You can strike up a conversation with anyone you see and have a ball. Must get back there soon....

    Again...enjoy, and keep us up-to-date!

  20. I still dont get how all these people come on here saying they are buying their first bike and yet none of them are ever buying a learner bike?! :(
    Am i missing something?