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Is this a good deal?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have test ridden a Kawa ZXR250C 1989/1990 model with 38K on the clock (It has the twin headlights).

    The dealers best price is $4500 onroad with a full 12 months reg & a free helmet, gloves and a discount on a jacket. (No doubt these will be lower end products).

    Is this a good deal or are they trying to take me for a ride.... Ha ha ha?


    PS> There is some minor damage to the fairings, nothing substantial.
  2. That seems reasonable to me, especially with 12 months rego included.

    Have you done a redbook search to see what they sell for?
  3. According to redbook (http://www.redbook.com.au/mcycle/price.asp?key=KAWA89SO) you could get cheaper privately, but considering it is a dealer and also getting gear it may be somewhat reasonable - perhaps at the high end...

    Others may know more specifics about this make / model. (note: redbook does say it is a grey import, so insurance may be an issue for you if you were planning on it...)
  4. i think that's a good deal - i got mine for $3,200 - but i had to pay for rego in Oct...and also get my own gear!
    Mine had twin headlights too but it was a zxr 'a' model, not 'c'...and the fairings were clean (operative word being "were"!). Had about 34K on the clock.
  5. its a good dealmate,ask him how much it wil be without the cheap gloves and helmet!!!
  6. Make sure you are happy with the "free" gear. The dealer will do it cheaper without the "free" stuff. The free stuff is useless if you go out and replace it soon after. You are likely to have the gear longer than the bike and especially true if the gear is reasonable quality. There are quite a few 250's out there so I'd still be suggesting to the dealer that you like the bike, its a bit pricey and you still wan't to have a bit more of a look around (perhaps you might even have another bike lined up that you are seriously considering). $4500 on road is fair/OK for a good condition 250 and better if it comes with a reasonable 12 month engine/gearbox warranty.
  7. You should be aware that you may be entitled to a Statutory Warranty.

    In NSW, second-hand motorcycles that have travelled less than 30000kms, and are less than five years old at the time of sale are covered by a Statutory Warranty of 3000kms or three months after sale (whichever occurs first).

    The Red Book prices, if I recall correctly, are prices for private sales.
  8. Good price. Like others say though, don't accept low-end add-ons. Make sure they are decent brands, or barter a little more on the price to get good brands.
  9. It usually gives trade-in price and private sale price - for the bike mentioned it was private sale at 3500-4200 (thus the 4500 from a dealer was a good price).
  10. hey Bucks5

    who is the dealer?
    im not trying to steal your deal, but we all may know if they are a trustworthy establishment.
    ie Sumoto in Melbourne always offer free helmet, free gloves and a discount on a jacket, but if you read throught the forums, you will find that allot of people have had problems with purchases from them.

  11. No it's not Sumoto (I have already been warned), the dealer is Gassit cycles Fairfield.