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Is this a good bike and a good place to buy it from?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Hi, just looking for my first bike and I was wondering if anyone thought this was a good price etc?


    If anyone has had any dealings with this company (leadingedge motorcycles in QLD) I would appreciate a comment on service etc.


  2. my 2 bob for what it's worth.....

    1999 model with only 46700 on the clock is an average of only 6 - 7000 per year, seems low when most people are covering around 15 -20000 k's per yr, Not sure if paint scheme is original and I dont think the "ZZR" logo was ever fitted in that position from the factory. (check for drop damage)

    The price seems ok for a 99 model, and if the intention is to sell it as soon as your able to upgrade then at $3995, you would probably get most of your money back.

    Having said all that, it always a good idea to get the bike checked by somebody who knows what they are doing.

    Good luck wit the hunt, the baby "Z's" are a good bike to start with,
  3. Thanks for the advice, I'm actually doing my Qride so I get an unrestricted license, just thought it wise to get a 250cc for a while, unless there is a good reason to get a bigger bike.
  4. I understand that Kawasaki are selling brand new GPX 250's (same engine as the ZZR) for $5000 brand new. Something about production costs down. If that is true the price of second hand ZZR's and GPX's should be way down.
  5. I dunno, 6~7,000km per year seems quite reasonable if they've had another means of transport and saved the bike for the occasional weekend ride (or only ever used the bike for short-distance commuting). Still it's important to always make sure you check the bike thoroughly (and/or get someone else to inspect it) before signing or paying anything.
  6. yeah jd I didn't consider the second vehicle option, but you know when the bug hits... damn you can knock a thousand k over in a weekend and there are 52 of them a year.
  7. :LOL: Yeah I know that bug, I clocked up nearly 15,000kms in the first year on my bike - despite also having another vehicle and not being able to use the bike for about 4 months due to work. Still I've friends with much larger bikes that only get used for ocassional weekend trips once every couple of months.
  8. k's sound about right to me, mine's a 97 and has 50,000. i'd ride it more but i'm a bit over the power, i know when i get the 600 it will clock up km's a fair bit faster :oops: (it also sucks never being able to take a pillion) :(
  9. I do not use my bike as my main mode of transport and as much as I would like to have the time to do more kilometers somehow I don't. 6,000 to 7,000 kilometers per year seems feasable to me. Besides I owned one of these baby Z's, 12 years ago when I was on my restricted licence, and let me tell you 46,700 kilometers on one of these little things would be tough, not for the bike, the rider!
  10. zipper, is it an uncomfortable bike?
  11. No, I didn't mean that. It is not uncomfortable at all. In fact when I bought it, it was the best thing in the world to me, just like it will be to you. But when I bought mine I used to do a bit of freeway riding and it is not the best for that, just like all those little 250's. The engine is screaming under you, and after an hour or so, you really know you have been riding. At the time I knew no better, I thought it was a rocketship. As far as I am aware the bike hasn't changed too much from when I had mine, I learnt a lot on that bike, I give it two thumbs up.
  12. sonicbaz - this one is MUCH MUCH better.


    Even worthwhile flying down to Melb and riding it back. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. edit: The paint is original! :oops:
    The number of km's is nothing substantial on that bike, 20000kms a year is still not much in my book.
    Get the bike checked over by someone in the know or then haggle for a better deal if you can.
    To me it seems quite ok and should be a good intro to riding for you.
  14. I don't know why people think the K's are unusually low.

    My last bike was an 87' model XBR500, with 18'000 genuine Km's on it. I'm sure through riding it the K's were genuine, as their supposed to have a sloppy gearbox by the time they get to 60'000+km's, but mine was tight as.

    People just don't ride bikes everday. 250's especially don't cover lots of miles.
  15. Just to throw a spanner in the mix, i'm selling my 1996 ZZR250 (burgundy). Only has 40,779km on the clock. i've had it for 3 years and only ride it out to the hills once a fortnight. reliable, zippy, fun, fabulous, comfortable bike but it's time for me to go a 600. Has been dropped once so paintwork on RHS scratched. $2,800 ono.

    pm me if you're interested. have wanky photo with me on it at phillip island if you want to see pic. sorry, no photos without me on it and don't have a digital camera to nip out and take something now.
  16. I have to disagree with you Kol's, like myself I know at least a dozen riders who don't own cars and do ride everyday, and have done so for years. The weather in Sydney is good enough to ride year round.
    I also disagree about 250's not doing a lot of miles. Many people buy a 250 as their first bike and once they discover how enjoyable riding is they tend to be out and about as much as they can. If you see a 250 bike with low mileage it's quite possible that it's a grey import from Japan. A lot of imports don't have many miles on them. I'm not sure why, perhaps Japanese people really do just ride them on weekends. They also have savage winters I believe.
    For example a company in Queensland imports bikes from the USA, I have seen V-Max's and Honda Shadow's with as little as 5000 miles on them for sale. Again in the USA they have savage winters in the northern states and their summer is short compared to ours.
    An average mileage for a ZZR 250 or GPX 250 made between 1990 and 1999 is quite likely to be up near (or above) the 40,000 kilometer mark. That normally indicates at least two previous owners also.
    But as I already said in an earlier post...check the price of brand new GPX 250's...I am sure I read in a bike mag last month that they are $5000 now.
    Which means that every used GPX can be negotiated way down in price.
    Good luck.