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Is there room for one more?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ArtieFufkin, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Another noob. From Canberra.

    Think I've already broken the rules by posting elsewhere first, but just wanted to say (a) awesome website and (b) thanks for all the useful info. I tried a few other websites before I got to this one. Well that was a big waste of time. I now check back regularly while at work :wink:

    Got my Ls on Tuesday and went for my first ride on the road yesterday and came back in one piece. (My wife was surprised!). Looking forward to picking up the pace in the coming months and maybe joining a group ride if there's one near Canberra.


  2. Nice one Artie welcome and congratulations from a fellow newbie. Good luck with the riding.
  3. Hi mate.
    Congratulations on making the sensible decision of getting into bikes.

    Artie Fufkin? Smell the glove? :p
  4. Welcome to Netrider :).

    You chose an interesting time in the Canberra weather cycle to start riding :LOL:.
  5. Grats on L's and welcome.

  6. Welcome Aboard mate !!
    You have chosen an excellent time to start riding.
    Get as much klm under your belt this winter ( but PLEASE read up on winter riding and be very careful). Once the good weather comes along, you'll be in for a hell of a pleasant surprise discovering how much more fun it is to ride with the sun on your back. :p
  7. Welcome Mr Spinal Tap fan :grin:
  8. Glad to see some recognised the Spinal Tap reference (Artie is not my real name!). I haven't found '11' on the throttle yet.

    Thanks for the welcome...and the warning on the Winter weather riding. At the moment I'm being soft and avoiding the wet roads until I have the experience to stay upright when it gets slick.