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is there hope for mankind?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wheeler84, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. As if owning a moped when your a young bloke in your prime isn't dignity-crushing enough, one knobhead up the road has gone as far as to actually modify the exhaust... at first I thought no - he wouldn't be so lame... but when he rode past today I noticed the usual straw sized exhaust had been replaced with about a 1" exhaust, producing this absolutely agonising loud drone as he rode off into the distance.

    Sure, you might say, "he's just making himself heard in traffic" - but given that he was outfitted in thongs, shorts and a t-shirt I don't think safety was high on the agenda.

    So I ask the question: is this act even worse self-imposed embarrassment than doing up say a Hyundai Excel, Daihatsu Charade, Datsun 180 or (insert cheap and gutless car brand here)?
  2. I know where you're coming from, but your face is going to be awfully red if he's the next Casey Stoner :LOL:.
  3. ive seen a couple of these cars you mention with some serious power.... well enough power to smoke off the bigger V8 cars and the 4cyc turbo of the lights
    of course these hyundai, daihatsu were modified to the max....
    the best was a datsun 180 with a 13b turbo rotary inside.. the car was in different colours and and 1 seat.... in shocking condition.... but on the straight he did it 10 seconds... yes it was registered so he could drive it on the road as well :shock:

    cant say much about the dude on the moped... ive seen one with i think a modified yoshi hanging from the side... sounded like a dirt bike
  4. haha yeh well it goes without saying if you want to spend a fortune on just about any car you can make it fast...

    what really gets my goat is people who make their gutless cars/bikes loud just for the sake of it because they want to get in on the current "car scene" even though there car sucks.

    I used to live on the corner of 2 major roads, 1 of which was an ideal drag strip. If I got woken up at 3am on tuesday night by 6 R34 skylines giving it heaps, yes i'd be annoyed, but at the same time i'd think to myself... damn that sounds awesome, and sometimes i'd get up just to have a squiz!

    on the other hand, when a stock standard excel with an exhaust so "phat" its in constant danger of scraping bitumen, giving it hell (taking 10+ seconds to get from 2nd to 3rd) woke me up... well you get the idea...
  5. agreed....new project....get scooter with fully sick muffler...
    big enough to use the muffler as a orange gun :LOL: :LOL:
  6. now that sounds like a worthwhile investment! :LOL:
  7. There is an old Hyundai Excel in Sydney with a Porsche 911 Turbo engine in it :eek: ... unless it's been written off by now.

    :arrow: probably.

    Eh, sure it's toss; but if he can ride it he's got more right to ride the road than the dumbarse on the scooter who wanted to merge in front of me on the Hume last night.

    Apparently he/she/it was taught to merge via the following procedure:

    -check mirror.
    -check mirror again.
    -lean closer and check mirror to make sure the bike you see there with Ktulu on it is really there and not a product of your imagination.
    -do not under any circumstances use your indicators.
    -head check.
    -head check.
    -swerve a little in your lane.
    -apply the brake.
    -head check.
    -apply the brake again.
    -head check.

    I had slowed to give them plenty of room after their first head-check but pretty quickly got the shits and felt it was better for all if I just buggered off up the road.
  8. As if owning a screaming, pointless 250 4 cylinder slow arse 250 when your a young bloke in your prime isn't dignity-crushing enough...

    you have to seen bagging the flavour of the month transport item... :rofl: :wink:
  9. I was waiting for that :)

    remind me again, when did scooters with modified exhausts became "flavour of the month"?

    sure the babyblade isn't much compared to bigger bikes... but 12 weeks into riding its still fast enough for me (just) :LOL:
  10. If you read Valentino Rossi's Autobiography you'll see that he and his mates used to do up their scooters when they were kids and hoon around on them. Maybe there's something in that...
  11. I put a jap import twin cam turbo in a daihatsu charade it produced 110 kw and 350 nm of torque..had it published in hot fours when it was still decent-guy tracked me down too do this..stomped many a v8..you sir need too get a life and stop being a frikin stick in the mud..let people have fun and do what ever they may with there hard earned coin :cool:
  12. I ride a TL125 in trials comps. From the factory it made 7hp. Changing it to a homemade exhaust that sounded crap made shitloads more horses, prbably 1.

    It's a hell of an increase.
  13. popular in the UK. spotty 15year-old chavs only old enough to have a scooter licence, modding their Speedfighters and SR50s because that's what teenagers do...they do stupid shit. Death, taxes and fcuking brainless teenagers. Yes, to answer your question. It is much worse then an Excel. You'd never pick up. It's no-where near enough of a bike to cash some bad-boy motorbike-rider tokens with the ladies. Christ, even the punks in their over-worked 15 year old Astras and Pulsars with P plates still manage to score pussy. Even if she is still in highschool. This is just a firework in a cooking-pan social shift. It's temporary. There is no hope for mankind, but for other reasons. not because of these scooter punks. It used to be worse in the 60s, They were everywhere. But through a process of natural selection, they're slowly being bred-out from a general lack of ability to get any bird to stay on the back of their scooter long enough for them to procreate. Most of them are gone, but as you can see there's still some dregs floating around. They are soon-to-be extinct. Endangered. the Dodos of the motorcycle world! You should wave to them, instead. take a picture, show your grand-kids
  14. :LOL: haha... I was considering modifying my Excel with a nice sounding exhaust.... but now, after seeing this thread :oops:
  15. :rofl: haha that was the funniest post i've ever read on NR, nice one!
    well in all seriousness, who gives a rats ass what other people think anyway... my other mode of transport is an 86 Corolla with a half missing dash and missing radio - due to the lowlifes who broke into it, tried and failed to steal it, last weekend - and until recently the worst window tinting job you've ever seen (didn't even cover the windows properly [I bought it like that :)])
  16. well, to bring it down to gutter level...

    He's a bogan, he's single, he's got a slightly larger, um, exhaust for when he gets lonely...
  17. No. Because nothing is worse than seeing a charade go past with a sound system worth twice as much as the car :shock:
  18. you really shouldn't encourage me
  19. im so cool, my fireblade has a stock exhaust :cool:
  20. at the ducati festival down here recently trhe sound off was won by a vespa at 146 db, people want to make as much noise as possible me included, think i'm a wanker all u like but i just don't fell rigtt unless i'm obnoxiouly loud