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VIC Is there decent money in being a mechanic?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Gurbachen, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. So I'm really looking to find a career or at least a new job in the new year, I've been where I am for three years and it's well and truly time for a change. So just out of curiosity, is there decent money in mechanic'ing (I believe that is the accepted term :D )? I've heard it mentioned here before that motorbike mechanic'ing isn't great as a career, is that true in general or just for bikes? I'd like to do something with my hands, also considered carpentry but heard bad things about the state of trades these days, may have been bullshit though. May just end up taking basic car/bike maintenance courses instead for shits and gigs if it's not a worthwhile career prospect.

    P.S. Please let me know if employment's not the right place to post this, don't know if it's only for specific jobs and job requests.

  2. Yes, if you are any good. The cream rises to the top in any profession. the future for motorcycles is secure in my view, look overseas at the growing number of motorcycles used as transport. If you can add a bit of entrepreneuerial skill to promote yourself throughout your career, the sky is the limit.
    Sadly, unless you have a hidden stash, you will be poor for a long time first.
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  3. Short answer: No.
    Apprentice wages are crap and a lot leave the industry before they even qualify.
    Good mechanics with a decent workshop and reputation can make good money but that is uncommon.
    If you are very good and can get to a point where you are looking after client racecars/bikes for regular income and have quite a few regular customers as well, you can make a comfortable living.
    Performance workshops no longer have the large profit margin in selling after-market parts anymore so you can't count on that as a viable income stream. Car and Bike owners discovered the benefit of internet buying very early, especially with the horrible monopolised Australian automotive industry.
    Cars and bikes are more reliable than ever and service intervals are longer.
    The GFC and general belt-tightening also meant people spent less looking after their vehicles.

    All that said, there is a shortage of good mechanics but that is because a lot of them become dissatisfied (low pay, stupid customers) and leave the spanners behind.
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  4. Well that puts the nail in that particular coffin :D Thank you both for taking the time to reply
  5. To back up the others - no.

    I know a fully qualified mechanic who now delivers pizzas. More money, less dickheads. Imagine dealing with motorcyclists all day. Christ.
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  6. Like with a lot of trades the money is working for yourself, however working for yourself is also the best way to go bankrupt.
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  7. I hate those employment agencies like Hays they skim off soo much of your hourly rate...
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  8. Yeh. Talking with a guy who started his own workshop, he started with very good knowledge and decent relationships of people within bike scene in Aus and has worked some decent connections to his gain.
  9. Or you could specialise in Italian bikes, they will keep you busy :bolt:
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  10. Most owners won't know any better than taking them back to the dealer for servicing.
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  11. Or at the very least become embittered and misanthropic.
  12. Honestly I don't think you should pursue a career choice just for the cash. I find motorcycle maintenance itself quite demanding especially after dissembling my bike. Looking at all the parts laid out in the shop makes in queasy in itself. But I enjoy the work and the creativity involved so its OK.

    You really have to love the stuff to do it otherwise shitty reviews will just keep popping up.
  13. Won't know if you love something until you try it *shrug*
    Wasn't suggesting I was interested in it for the money, but I'm certainly not going to spend years learning a trade that pays jack all.
  14. Best way to enjoy being a mechanic is tinker with stuff around the house. Pick up a near dead civic or pulsar engine for a six pack, strip it down and rebuild it. You get to learn and practice and there's no consequence for screwing up.
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  15. yeah that's what I meant gurba just grab an old bike and see if you can make it good. Not much investment there and you can see if you enjoy it
  16. You can probably find a TAFE hobby course to learn what you need.
  17. track down blabbus and play biatch for a few years? i imagine he'd keep you busy.

    shame that him n NK nicked off
  18. Oh just adding there is money to be made in motorcycle repair service. Sis seems to be doing exceptionally well for example. Always has bikes in his shop. He seems more busy than a GP.
  19. Those 2 names do not belong in the same sentence
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