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Is there anything you can't do with duct tape?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jd, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. This could be taking it a little too far though :shock:
    Duct Tape 1
    Duct Tape 2
    Duct Tape 3

  2. Nasa tried to hold the space shuttle together with it...and failed!
  3. I saw a maintenance guy sticking down the pilots front window frame on a A300 at Sydney Airport with duct tape once. He must have thought it wasn't straight, so he peeled it off AND RESTUCK THE SAME PIECE DOWN AGAIN !!! He made sure it was well adhered by rubbing it hard with the handle of his screw driver.

    Air Pacific - remind me never to go to Fiji please :shock: :shock: :shock:
  4. i believe that the tape they use on aircraft is a higher grade then standard duct tape, also it used to have has a netting type mesh through the middle of it from memory

  5. Tape on an aircraft? fa dawg's sake.... WE DON"T USE TAPE TO HOLD AIRCRAFT TOGETHER. What he almost certainly saw was an opening, probably a pitot static port, being covered prior to cleaning, to prevent the ingress of water.

    By the way. there was an accident a few years ago in South America where 170 people were killed because some dickhead forgot to take the tape off again.
  6. Houston, no time to talk, we are leaving now! :wink:
  7. Sorry inc, but no, that's not what I saw at all. I was in the departure lounge. The A300 in question was at the next gate, the air-bridge was connected and passengers were BOARDING. It wasn't a port, it was, absolutely, most definitely going on the the steel window frame right in front of the pilot's seat. I stood there with my mouth slightly ajar watching it happen, all the while being thankful that I was not going to Fiji on that day.....
  8. Anyone who has spent time around an Air Force base will extoll the vitues of 100 mile and hour tape or airframe tape as it was known. Great stuff.
  9. Look maaaaate, I don't know what you think you saw, but the A300 is pressurised. The seal around the cockpit windows is a lot more complex than you seem to realize. A failed seal could cause explosive decompression and kill a couple of hundred people. Do you seriously think that aircraft are maintained in anything like the same way as car's or bikes? We'll they aren't. All maintenance is stricly controlled by law.....and duct tape just isn't on the agenda.
  10. "Adhesively bonded composites" are used to repair cracking in aluminium structures on commercial aircraft.
  11. damn where that list of pilots complaints and then responses from maintance people.... if thats anyhting to go by duct tape might be :p

    as for the tape not sure what they used to use it for, (father was a framie) and claimed they used it but for what i can't remember, only remember it is as sticky as shit :wink:
  12. inc - listen to me for a moment. I know you fly a plane, I know that you know more than me about planes. But I know what I saw, and it was EXACTLY as I said it was.

    I didn't say that the window was out, or there was a gap between the fuselage and the window frame. I don't know why he was sicking Duct Tape to the frame, but that's what he did.

    I can't make it any more simple than that, and although I've never met you (Perth is a long way to go for coffee), I would hazard a guess that you weren't standing next to me in the terminal that day.
  13. I assume you are referring to a graphite/epoxy composite patch on 7075-T6 aluminum using either FM 73M or EA 9696 adhesive?

    A. This is not tape, it is a resin impregnated purpose build overlay.

    B. It is not used around any complex stress matrix areas like a window

    C. It requires removal of the component for curing in an autoclave, and radiological examination. .

    None of which relates in any way to some dodo applying tape to an aircraft on a ramp.

    Signed Incitatus ATPL & LAME
  14. Yep that's the stuff - fibre reinforced duct tape uses basically the same principle, it's just a slightly lower tech version :p :LOL:

  15. Slightly lower tech version! When was the last time you needed a clean-room, a high temparature autoclave, and an x-ray machine, to apply duct-tape? :D
  16. What's wrong with a blowtorch and a magnifying glass? :LOL:
  17. You might have something there jd, and I AM willing to learn. Maybe we could save a few maintenance bucks and lower fares. I can see it now, "JD and Incitatus get Queens Award for Industry".....And while we are talking about truly ridiculous changes to aviation standards...Why not airline chicken that actually tastes like chicken?.........naa that's going too far.
  18. :LOL: anyone here play JA2??? :LOL: :D
  19. "Airline food is people!"
  20. Hmm Duct tape wrapped firmly around the torso also prevents small furry animals from exploding 8)

    So Bob told me :shock:

    PS.... thats the small furry animals torso.....not Bobs