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Is there any way to get Foxtel outside the capital cities?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Haven't been able to find anything during my searches, but am really sick of Austar and it's crappy customer service, The braking point being there incompetence in getting the speed channel leaving me unable to view the world superbikes which i really enjoy, or any sort of motorsport at all.

    so does anyone have any ideas on how you can Foxtel in regional areas, surely being different companies they should be fighting for business not splitting between rural and city people
  2. Find a friend that lives in a capital city with satellite, get him to order an extra box for a 2nd room, u take that box after its been installed and go halvies in the bill, win for both parties
  3. I will start by saying I know nothing about foxtel or game consoles as I have neither, but cant you watch foxtel through an xbox??...im sure of seen some ad for it on tv.
  4. fox/austar use the the same optus C1 sat

  5. you can but 2 problems, u dont get all the channels and you would need about 4 billion gb in internet bandwidth

  6. its a top idea, sports package with HD channels and iq2 box, no movies on this package, 2 boxes = $110, so $55 each, ive been doing it for years with a mate, find a 3rd friend even cheaper, 3 iq2 boxes = $120, = 40 bux each, just dont fuk your mate up and pay on time
  7. ahhh ok...well in that case I must refer you to the first sentence of my post and make a slight addition