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is there any FREE motorcycle parking in North Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alwayseric, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. i will go there tomorrow (thursday) and friday for a training course. the easiest transport from my place to north sydney is motorbike.

    anyone can tell me if there is a free mortorcycle park around walker street?

  2. Have a look at this website

    Any North Sydney parkers might give an idea of how early you need to get there
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  3. Just use secure parking and bypass the boom gate...
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    If you're in just before 8 there's always room on little spring street

  5. but the training starts from 9am, so i guess i will be there no earlier than 8:30am. how is the chance? i dont live there or work there, so not familiar with that area.
  6. wont i have trouble?
  7. thanks for the link, very useful.
  8. If it looks like raining you will be fine.
  9. Greenwood is fine
  10. Greenwood is always unattenuated late at night, so even if you have a car there.. leave after 10.30pm (approx) and you're good to go..
  11. If it's an autopay, no gate dude, most places actually have shorter booms to allow for this - at least that is my understanding. I do it often and also live in Sydney.
  12. so i can assume there is no gate dude in greenwood at 9am and 5 pm?
  13. I'm not sure about that particular place, however the reason behind it being okay on auto boom places is due to the sensors not sensing bikes. Can't get a ticket on the way in, can't open the boom on the way out.
  14. There is plenty of bike parks all over North Sydney. The best tip I can give you is the later you arrive the further you have to park away from the centre of Nth Sydney but then again its no more than a 5 to 10min walk at the most.
  15. I tell you what: why don't I pop over before 8am and just kinda stand in a bike spot until you turn up. Would that work for you?

    Alternatively you could take some responsibility for yourself and get there early, with plenty of time to ride around and find a spot.
    You could then go for one of many excellent coffees in the area, and marvel at just how grown-up you've been already today.
  16. if you park within the boundary of private property (building) the parking guys can't touch it
  17. Tip: if you park on Miller St it turns into a clearway at 3pm. Bikes get towed every day from there. Check the signs very carefully, you'd think free motorbike parking means free motorbike parking, but it means a $400-600 fisting.

    I'm intrigued about the secure parking, exactly which place do you mean? Does anyone here actually park there daily and get away with it?
  18. NK you feral nob!
    The coffees around there suck dude!
  19. I park at the Greenwood parking station, when I'm on the bike I just dart around the boom gates on the way in and out.. haven't been pulled up yet.
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  20. Can't you guys park on the footpath in sydney?