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Is there any concerns with the Yamaha xt600 1985?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by timbo79, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Looking at a nice cheap commuter and i am really strained for cash. The commute is on the freeway (about 30km) and a little city traffic.

    Is there any knowen problems with the Yammy 600xt 1985 it has 19,000km on it. Would it course problems to use it as a commute??

    Thanxs all
  2. How much ardo they want for it?

    I hear they're good bikes, not as solid as the 500, but still good.

    If you're commuting and absolutelyhavetobesomewhereeverydayontime then you'd be better off buying a newer 250. Problem probably won't be anything mechanical but like any old bike you'll have bits of rubber perishing, stuff not working, niggling electrical problems etc.
  3. Just buy the bloody thing.

    It's a 24 year old bike and it's cheap so it will have problems. Only way to find them is buy it and ride it.
  4. I'm with Pat. The fact that you are asking, means you shouldn't buy it. It's not going to be a reliable commuter no matter how well it was put together in the first place, because it has had the sh!t beat out of it. Not without work anyway.
  5. Are you sure that's not 119,000km?
  6. Hmmmm, 1985 XT600. Solid unit back then and would be now except for the wear and tear factor.

    Just do the usuals. Start it cold and listen for rattles and telltale smoke. Lateral movement of wheels will show shot bearings as will swingarm.

    Just do the basics and if they seem okay you can take a punt.

    What I can say is that when you test ride it, give it a handful and look for smoke clouds - if they appear on hard accel it'll need rings. My old XR400 did this when it got dusted thanks to a poorly fitted air cleaner. Even tried 50wt diesel oil and it still swallowed (burned) a litre every 200km.

    What's the hip pocket damage? Be aware that little things can cost a bomb when maintaining and fixing. Parts could be an issue too?
    Good luck and I understand your positio. Also, if you don't ride dirt, Michelin Sirac tyres are good units.
  7. As others have said, if it's mechanically ok, the bike should be fine for what you intend.

    Perhaps the nasty thing is that it will have a kick start, which on a 600 out of tune, or if you don't have the knack......could get old real fast :LOL: