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Is there any brand of bike you would'nt buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ibast, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Like most people here I'm pretty opinionated about bikes, but in reality I'm a bit of a bike tart.

    There are not many bikes that I can't see some merit in.

    I'm not talking about "there's better value out there" Rather, "I would never buy a bike made by them".

    How do you feel?
  2. i'm a brand whore, whatever is the best bike for the money at the time is what i'll go for :D

    but if i had to pick a brand that i'd steer clear of, it'd be hyosung. not that they seem to be bad bikes, they just come across as cheap (maybe the prices has a bit to do with that :LOL: ), they havn't been around long enuff to prove a solid reputation, and they dont make anything FAST :LOL:
  3. I'd forgot about these!

    Some people used to swear by them.
  4. Is there any brand of bike I wouldn't buy?

  5. Jawa; lots of people used to swear AT them.
    But I'm with nearlyempty, no prejudices, no bad past experiences, just as long as it's reliable, fast and fun...
  6. Yeh, I think it has a lot to do with what bike "does it" for you. You research the market and find the bikes that you like the idea of best and then make your choice.

    I've owned all the Jap brands except Kawasaki (though I am trying to restore a Z1000, but it's a race bike so it doesn't count)

    When I was buying last time, I narrowed my choice down to 2 bikes, the RF900 Suzuki or the VFR. Very close in concept and execution and not much to pick between them. In the end I chose the Honda cos the road testers all gave it a slighly better rating, it had a clock (yeh, yeh, I know) and it was a Honda and I could get the bike I wanted at a good price (friend of a friend).

    So, yeh, it's a muti-faceted thing.

    Give Hyosung a few years and they'll be up tere too.
  7. harely. (ooooh! controversial)

    I think there are heaps of good cruisers out there, but there aren't any bikes in the harley brand that I
    I'd go for. Buell have a few that i'd consider.
  8. Having spent some years working for and with the Koreans in Samsung, my advice is not to sell them short on the bike; if the Koreans want something, they'll spend the money to get it. They already control the world market for flash memory chips (47% of total!!!), and the sky's the limit. My contacts at Samsung say #2 in the world in printers by 2008, #1 in the world in notebook computers by 2010. Only a fool would bet against them!
  9. Would not buy a YAMAHA as a rode bike.

    Dirt bike yes, road NEVER

    Cheers 8)
  10. Don't forget the Chinese. The Japs are already preparing for what could happen if (when) they enter the global market.

    As for Harleys, agreed that I wouldn't buy a cruiser style bike which kind of rules them out (unless you count a Buell as a Harley), but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't buy a Harley if the right one came along. Nothing against Harley, just their current crop of bikes.
    Remember their recent tentative attempts to move back into superbike territory a few years ago? Now that was an interesting bike.
  11. The V-Rod wasn't great, but haven't they released another bike like it but with a more sporting riding position this year? I seem to recall reading some excellent road tests of it. Can't remember what it's called.
  12. Any inline 4
    Call me one eyed, but boring and characterless just doesn't cut it for me even if they are more powerful.
    I prefer the rattle and shakes and power delivery of a twin.
  13. Haven't heard about that. I know that there is an Aussie who is uprating Harleys (can't remember who, Maveric rings a bell, but I may be thinking of something else) to make them more sporty, but I wasn't aware that Harley themselves were doing something. I'll have to have a snoop around.

    I notice that nobody has mention BMW. Is this because you all know that one day, you too will be old...? :)
  14. Harley Street Rod? If they didn't cost $28k I'd probably be tempted.


    As for a brand I wouldn't buy...whoever made my uncles old farm bike and assumed people wouldn't mono it.

    Sif not put stops in the ends of the front forks :?
  15. *thinks*

    I've owned and ridden (some more than 1 of) - Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Triumph (original & new types), BMW & Moto Guzzi.

    I suppose that I don't judge a bike on it's brand name but rather on if it is fun to ride and own (for me since I'm the only one I can judge for).

    So no... I don't think there is a brand I wouldn't buy, although there are models I wouldn't buy.
  16. Only a Hardly worth it's.... Other than that I'm a bike slut.
  17. More a style than a brand. I am not a fan of the cruiser bike, I mean each to their own and I bet there are a few guys and girls who could give me a hurry up through a set of twisties on one, but I cannot see myself comfortable on the feet forward position.
    The new street rod from Harley could change my mind. Maybe.
  18. Wouldn't buy a Ducati...only because I couldn't afford to maintain it.

    Wouldn't buy a HD because I wouldn't want one.