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Is there an easier way to pay at toll booths?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. For me its a case of:
    Ride up and stop
    Put bike in neutral
    Lift visor (to say hello and be nice)
    Remove glove
    Locate money in pocket and pay
    Put glove on
    Visor down
    Go into first and away...

    Are there attachments for bikes that can hold coins (and dispense them) effectively? My gloves have a little pocket on the back of them, but its pretty crap. I am reluctant to get E-tag as there is talk of introducing that levy if its unused for a period of time. Other than getting E-tag, wheres the best place to keep toll money?

  2. take as long as you can...i bet if all bikes did that they would let em use it for free just to stop the holding up the flow of things*G*
  3. Mate gotta say that is a damn good idea. the more we piss car drivers off the more we are noticed. its a joke bikes pay the smae amount as cars. is it right that in melb bikes dont have to pay tolls for using freeways? i think i saw that somewhere else... cant see it happening tho :(

  4. Take it to the next step and keep your wallet in your gearsac, so you have to get off your bike , open it up, take out change, hand it to them, put wallet back, zip up gearsac etc...................................

    dont forget to stall the bike taking off 2 or 3 times to increase the agony of the cage drivers behind you :shock:
  5. we dont, but they are trying to make us.....
  6. I have just noticed on CityLink Outbound in the last week that rear cameras have been installed.

    As you come out of the Burnley Tunnel, they used to only have a front camera, but now take both front and rear..... :(

    I think that they are gearing up to start charging us :(

  7. I guess they're preparing waterproof e-tags and mounts for our bikes then? :p What about theft-proof?

    I do the same thing when I'm directed into a RBT station. Usually they let you ride thru - but if not, I make it worth their effort:
    Engine off.
    Gloves off.
    Helmet off.
    Helmet on.
    Gloves on.
    Engine on.
    First gear and away we go...

    Oh, and if you're wondering why I turn the engine off, it's because it's illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet! ;)
  8. haha i usually take my time too, but if u wanna be quick u can stick a big wad of bluetac somewhere on the dash and stick the coinage in that.

    however that does ruin all the fun...
  9. what about putting the coins in a zip lock coin bag and throwing the whole thing at (to) the cashier?

    most banks will give you the bags for nothing and it will be easy to grip with gloves on.
  10. just keep a 5 buck note in your pocket.. then throw the change back at them .. coins suck
  11. Even better, they are changing to digital rego plate recognising cameras so they can junk the e-tags completely.

    The cameras will shoot front and rear to allow for no front plate on bikes and obsucured one on cars as well as the issue of trying to send a bill to the owner of a trailer who hasno control over the truck or car towing it at the time.

    On the subject of the Sydney Tollways I found out the hard way last year that Melbourne e-tags work on them after throwing a hand full of change into the basket and driving through only to have my tag go beep so I got charged double :roll: :? :wink:
  12. Have you thought of having your change stuck with bliue tack (tak, whicheverway it is spelt) Stick the blue tack on to your handlebar, fairing helps, I dont have fairings and when in Sydney or Bris. I stick it on on the the middle of the handle bar. A bit sheltred. Coming to the booth, all I have to do is, remove glove and hand the money.
  13. Hmmm - finally using digital shots with OCR? Well that's been a long time coming, really. How long have both technologies been available? Sheesh! :p

    Now all we need is tolls to be based on weight (and therefore impact on road). That said, it's not too much of a hassle on a bike to dodge CityLink - traffic isn't too much of an issue.
  14. Careful, I was told a large powerful bike can damage a road more than a normal car due to the power to weight ratio and sticky tyres (or is that tires) found on high performance bikes :eek:

    Please don't flame me as I'm only repeating what I was told, I'm still trying to figure out if it's fair dinkum or not.

    Oh, by the way the Mitcham-Frankston Eastlink wont have e-tags or similar but will rely on video technology for tolling and as I said earlier looks like City Link is going the same way.
  15. I hate city link... and I think I'm in trobble... I give the cameras the finger each time I go past...
  16. be nice pete , I have to use citylink every day to get to uni! :D

    i certainly cant complain, it halfs my trip time
  17. Hmmm....citylink is free for bikes which translated means it would have cost them too much at the time to have the technology to charge bikes. Technology has of course advanced as too has has technical specifications and experience in Victoria. I believe originally rear facing cameras would have been only installed to toll bikes. Front cameras get most cars and of course trucks (not the trailers). I have been told it was not the cost of rear cameras but the technology to know when to ignor a rear shot and when not too ie reliable OCR software linked to rego records. I am only going off what info I have so it is second hand info and may not be 100% accurate. I have also been told and in fact I do remember reading but cant remember where that the mitcham freeway will be tolling bikes as the technology, cameras and OCR stuff etc is part of the specs. I would expect that citylink will at some stage follow suit. Im guessing the only reason they havnt as yet is probably political. I know they are a private company, but that doesnt stop them playing politics.

    To get back to the topic of the thread to me it would piss me off having to pay and I think your time wasting idea is a good form of protest. I do much the same thing when im pulled in for a breath test. In a car is one thing, but on a bike pissed me off. Anyhow personally I would continue the protest and encourage others to do the same. Power of numbers may make some take notice. Otherwise for convienience prehaps use a tank bag or some receptical such as a pocket that is open and easy to access. Tape your coins together if you can makes them easier to handle.

    There must be many other riders that pay in the same way as you do on the tolls. Maybe even ask the toll collectors? Im sure they would have some ideas.

  18. Seems unlikely. There are performance cars too, with performance tyres - perhaps they'd do a little more damage to a road, but it couldn't be much. And at freeway speeds I think it's not especially relevant.

    No flamage ;)
  19. Just thought of the reason I was given.

    Cars have a wider foot print and two wheels to distribute the torque forces but a bike has such a small footprint (something like the size of a pack of winnie blues) and only one wheel it tends to damage the bitumen (push it backwards) worse than a car.

    It sounds possible but I'm not 100% convinced just yet and I've still got that fire extinguisher on stand by just in case..........
  20. Damn I remember seeing an Aussie dude on TV once and he invented some sort of Coin holder thing that clipped to your belt when riding. You load it with the amount you need for the toll, then when it comes time to pay you press a release and the exact amount is loaded into your hand. I've been searching google all day for it and I can't find it. Did anyone else see it on the TV, this would be going back maybe 5ish years now.