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Is there an aussie vendor out there for mods?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by snowy, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hey Gang

    Just wonderin whether we hav any decent vendors that sells mods and bling without havin to get a second mortgage?
    i.e. Cobra exhausts, Hyperchargers, power commanders, backrests, racks, grips and bling

    It seems everything has to be US direct to get things at a reasonable price. Man I wouldnt mind payin 200 dollars more
    for an exhaust systen, but 700 dollars...you gotta be kiddin me!

    Maybe this presents an opportunity for someone, the cruiser market appears to be exploding at the moment.

    Any suggestions or thoughts welcomed


  2. Try the netrider links directory on the home page Snowy.
  3. If you can find an Aussie vendor that can compete with prices from the US including shipping, I'll eat my bike with mushroom sauce and shit gold nuggets. :LOL:
  4. Count me in :) Agree.

    The only australian vendor remotely resembling US vendors is MetricRider http://www.metricrider.com.au . And still Metricrider has unreal prices and very poor inventory.
  5. Australian accessories stores???? I went into one here in SE Qld recently, was shown an American catalogue of the brand I wanyed, and told to "double the prices quoted in the book"..... so the bit of "bling" I wanted was gonna be extraordinarily expensive!!!!!!!
    Won't go into details here.... but I have dealt online with a US store for the bits I want... same brand as the stuff I would have had to double the price of... and they apparently are on the way! Should be here early next week all things going well. I will post up then with a report on the details... what/where/how/how much etc.....
    But I will say I've saved $100!


  6. I was told by a retailer that the Customs duty on these things is 90%, don't know if thats true or not.
  7. Good time to buy, bought a sissy bar and rack today through paypal and exchange rate was just over 90c. Got them from Republic Cycle.
  8. Glenn is the man over at republic cycle.. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=49319
  9. Forget the local retailers mate, they're too greedy, trying to make too much mark-up on every item. Buy online, that's the only way to go!
  10. Bulldust - you have to pay import tax on everything more than AUD 1.000 !! That includes purchase price plus shipping !! :idea:

    If you order under that am
    ount (including shipping !!) you will still save a good amount of AU- $$
    Now you know why they are called " STEALERSHIP " !!

  11. I use zpower.com.au for a lot of stuff, and hellriser customs in the US for the stuff thats not available here. Many bike shops can do the order from zpower for you if they are going to be doing the work after for you, and mine at least don't charge you for that service.
  12. Zpower is double over priced.
    You can order from cruisercustomizing.com including delivery and it will be half cheaper.

    For item I got from cruisercustomizing for $190 including delivery I'd have to pay $400 plus delivery at zpower.
  13. Success!!!!!

    As I mentioned in a post above..... I wanted some "bling" for my bike. I wanted Kuryaken Highway Pegs, and after procrastinating about it, decided to buy them late last month. The local accessories joint wanted $278!!!!!!!! I wasn't comfortable buying via credit card over the net... I know it's secure and all.... but....
    A post here on Netrider by Blue14 had me looking at RepublicCycle.com and I sent them emails with questions..... Glenn is a very easy guy to deal with, very professional! He actually "upsold" me to a classier peg as well... I shudder to think what the local guy would have charged me for these ones!! I opted to send a bank cheque, and they despatched my pegs the same day my cheque arrived. The ONLY hiccup in the whole deal was USPS who temporarily "lost" my parcel... track&confirm proved they had it.... but where it was was another matter. 10 days later I asked Glenn if he could do something about it, and he and another RepublicCycle fellow named John got onto USPS. A week later (yesterday) I received my pegs.

    So the upshot is, to buy entry level pegs local.... $278

    From RepublicCycle, including freight and a bank fee for the bank cheque, $180.

    The only thing I would suggest is either;
    1) Pay extra for more reliable freight
    2) Be very patient!!!!! :roll:

    Have a look at http://republiccycle.com


  14. I recently bought a sissy bar and rack from republic for $371 delivered (would have cost $500 local) and turned up in 10 days, paid via Paypal and agree Glen is excellent to work with. Thanks Blue14 for the contact details.
  15. paid last night for a set of cobra streetrods and processor from GM Cycles on ebay $680 US which included delivery saving almost a 1000 on prices i found in australia just waiting for delivery now for a 2007 c50
  16. so how much is import tax on stuff over $1000? does it still work out cheaper?
  17. Sorry haven't been here for a while - was really just to busy...
    Import tax supposed to be the 10 % (of GSt) - just check the customs site...
    BUT ... they work out the Tax / GST amount on the full purchase price (includes shipping !!! that means ie. freight only = $ 250 US !! = 25 bucks for the government !!! :!:
    But it still might be cheaper than buying AU / local (sorry .. stealership!)

    just my 2 c

  18. I have had MANY shipments from teh US under $1000, and have never paid a cent to anyone but teh retailer...........

    Regards, Andrew.