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Is there a way to shame drivers who use mobiles?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bogus69, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. The number of people I see in cars on a mobile phone or txt'ng is shocking.
    They're drifting between lanes, I'm sure youve all seen them.

    I was wondering what might be the best way to try and stop them from doing this. Maybe some way of shaming them into stopping it?

    Do you reckon it is seen as socially unacceptable (like drink driving) in which case if you could let other motorists know that the person in the blue Honda is currently using their phone, would that shame them into stopping?

    I was thinking of holding my hand to the helmet in a "phone" manner and pointing to the offender might work. But it might look a tad silly too.
    Any other ideas that might work?

  2. Sit in the next lane and drop it down a couple of cogs so its impossible for the f##*(*ker to hear.If they get shitty and do something stupid A)report them 8) respond in your own way
  3. Honk, look at them, make the phone to helmet motion, either shake head or do the throat cutting motion. Normally stops them.

    If at lights, pull up next to them, whack in neutral, rev it high so they can't hear, look at them, make same motion.

    What I do. Works in most cases. A few of them look at me though, and don't seem have any idea of what I'm talking about.
  4. Might need to wait until I have a bigger bike with louder pipes for the reving part. :LOL:
  5. If the are all over the road for any reason (phone, laptop, reading a newspaper, asleep, just plain dumb, whatever) grab the rego and report it to the police.

    I beleive that phones can at times be used safely on the road, but only in certain situations. At speed in traffic is no time to be on the phone (handsfree or not), but trying to shame someone at 80kph will probably just make you fall off. At the same time, I wouldn't make a goose of myself over someone is sitting in a traffic snarl on the phone - not much else to do but scratch your nuts when your not moving.

    All in all, 'teaching them a lesson' is probably a bad idea, could be dangerous and won't do much apart from make you look self-righteous and agro. Think about all the drivers who try and teach us a lesson by cramping us when filtering - we think they are wankers; it's just dangerous and doesn't achieve much.

    However, groberts may prescribe some kind of mirror removal. :LOL:
  6. I generally give a blast on my (rather loud) horn if I can get next to the driver's window (like at the lights). Just to make sure whoever they are talking to knows they are in traffic.

    My other favourite is a standard "phone to the side of the head" gesture (thumb and little finger extended) that turns into bashing yourself with the phone.
  7. Problem with that is my memory is not the best. :LOL:
    Bring on the helmet cam.

    Yeah, you have a point there.
    My target audience is likely to be the slow moving congested traffic as that seems to be one of the bad times to be on the phone.

    Yes, yes. I know. I should be busy lane splitting :p
  8. I was wondering this myself yesterday afternoon. Followed a very erratic Audi A4 for several kilometres - at a safe distance even though I was in the cage.
    Pulled up next to her at the lights and sure enough, there she was, texting like a b@stard!
    The lights changed before I could decide what the best course of action was :cry:
  9. Someone on a mobile phone nearly killed my boyfriend recently...by nearly killed I mean that if he had been on a bike with brakes that weren't good, or had snatched the front one,he would have come off.

    he was in a 70kph zone travelling in the right lane, & could see a sedan on a side street waiting to turn in the direction he was travelling. there was a cop car stopped next to the sedan, and about 2 mins earlier he had passed a sign saying "police now targeting innatentive drivers".

    As he approached the side street, he watched the cars until he was certain he was in their field of vision, then turned his attention back to the road. at that time the sedan turned left & pulled into the right hand lane i.e the lane he was in.

    He had to brake really hard (since he was doing 70 and the car was barely moving) and even then couldn't stop in time so he had to pull into the left lane. There was loud brake screeching, the cop car pulled out & looked then drove away in the opposite direction.

    Pissed off at the female P plater that had nearly hit him, my other half followed them to a set of traffic lights & lifted his visor. "What the hell do you think you're doing!! You could have killed me!"
    "I'm so sorry I was on my mobile phone."
    "oh well that makes it better doesn't it, if I was dead you could just day "I was on my phone" and everything would be fine!"
    "I'm sorry, I was distracted & didn't see you!"
    "Damn right you didn't see me, you were too busy talking & not paying attention to the road! You're going to kill somebody!"

    At that point the drivers male companion went to get out the car. My BF threw down his kick stand & started to walk towards the car. The female driver called to her BF and said "Don't! he looks angry!" and then drove though a red light to get away.
  10. alas ive seen a rider cruising down the road one hand on the throttle the other on the mobile sending a SMS
  11. Now THAT is suicide!!
  12. I know a few schools in Europe fitted devices that block mobile signals in class rooms. Not sure if you could fit one of these to a bike kill all mobiles in the area :)
  13. It's never a good idea to pick a fight with someone in Armour :D
  14. I've seen them on sale in HK, but I believe they are illegal here.
  15. Who would know :D You could just connect to the "pass" switch so would only use it when needed.
  16. How cool would it be though! :)
  17. Oh, and the device I saw made use of a rather large loop antenna. Like around the area to be blocked. Perhaps a little impractical.

    D1ck Smith used to sell a device to block TV remotes. I didn't buy it when I first saw it and haven't seen one since.
  18. Thats just shit.
    I've seen cops completely ignore major road infringments before too. I don't get it. If they aren't prepared to do something about bad road behaviour* when it happens in front of them, how can they expect motorists to be drive/ride safely?

    * of course they are happy to police speed limits :roll:
  19. No, just very risky. The one I saw texting from a moving motorcycle on a busy arterial in Kuala Lumpur - He was suicidal!

  20. I know the VIP escort vehicles the government uses have a mobile phone/radio jammer fitted into the front of the car.

    It's a pity everytime those vehicles go up for auction, they always get removed.