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Is there a way to ensure the bike is not stolen?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Osva, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I had a few recent posts about what bike to get..

    I believe we have decided on a yammy virago..

    However, something has raised some questions for me.

    First - qld rego.. Requires blue slip
    Second - no log books or other paperwork (I am assuming he will have the rego papers that we need to sign over)
    Third - only one key

    My corncern aside from not being able to check service history is also a potentially stolen bike.

    If I do a check on REVS would it come up? I am in nsw but the bike is Rego'd in qld..

    Anything else I should watch out for? Or stay away all together?

    Apprently this guy doesn't even have log books for his new bike that he just got..
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    PPSR is a national database.
    Will show stolen, WOVR and any encumbrance.
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  3. A few things I'd consider first:
    1. How many k's has it done, if its something under 1500 I wouldn't worry about the service history too much
    2. I bought my bike from some guy that said one of his keys were stolen at work then later said he found it but wouldnt reply to my msgs (so he could mail it to me), nothings happened so far (its been like 5 months), you could easily if u want take the key to a locksmith if u need another key. Also if the motorcycle has a computer some keys have a chip inside for startup (I'm not to sure what its called).
    3. If you see marks near the ignition (like someone was trying to steal it) stay away from it.
    4. About the log books, what's the deal with them? What's his story?

    I'm no professional, this is just my experience about dealing with sketchy people and the problems I've encountered.
  4. REVS check, PPSR at the very least.

    For what it's worth here is my advice;

    Run away, don't walk, RUN, Forest, RUN!

    Big red flags everywhere.

    One key only? Is he the "first" owner? And how old is this "new" bike?

    Keep looking and find one where the seller doesn't smell as dodgy as six month old prawns.
  5. Thank you for the honest advise..

    My reaction is exactly the same..

    He did not have any reason for no books. Moved from QLD, lost it, cant find it...Its a customised '07 model with 6.2k kms..

    Here is the link:


    It is a 2 hour drive for me to go down there and look at it.

    He is hoping to get 3k for it - priced over the phone. Maybe I can push it down to 2.5k. Would that be worth it knowing the issues?

    The bike is for my younger brother, he will only ride it in good weather to uni and he has a car as an alternative. Thanks for your help!

    Oh and Tweet, thanks for the links! I will be sure to bring my laptop to do some checking when on site (if I even drive down there for this bike).

    The bikes are only valued at 2.7-3.2k on redbook. Not sure how much people look at it for bikes though.

  6. Is it still roadworthy? You might have some problems with reg / insurance
  7. Its got 3 weeks rego and then we gotta get blue slip cos of interstate transfer..

    Not a very easy option I guess..
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  8. Maybe that's why he's selling, because after those 3 weeks you won't be able to register it. I'd stay away from this, I was searching and found similar prices for that year and model bike
  9. The old REVS check is part of PPSR now. What you get when your search for "REVS" nowadays are private providers that will do the PPSR for you at 10x the price of doing it directly through PPSR, but they add their own letterhead along with some other worthless boilerplate. Just pay your $4 and do the PPSR check, it's got the info you need (theft, finance).

    Renewal inspections are a piece of cake if it's got all its lights but blue slip's a bit more comprehensive. Might be worth squeezing for a bargain if it had NSW plates but I wouldn't bother with it if you need to go the new registration route.
  10. Why has it got so few kms.?
  11. Because virago
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