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Is there a Tyga-like tail unit with storage?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samhain, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Love my RVF400, hendles very well. Don't like the seat unit styling. Not a big deal, but would love to change it for the old style Tyga seat or the KConversion seat... but those don't have storage and I need enough tos tore a disk lock and my lid safe bag......

    Does anyone either know of a solution or is anyone really handy with the tools and can modify a seat unti to include locakable or even non lockable storage?

    I have posted on some modding sites as well though those communities are not very active it seams...
  2. you could probably mod an entire rear subframe and fairing set off something like a late model fireblade to fit, youd get storage then.

    Check out the price of a whole tail from some wreckers and see if the price is close enough..
  3. That's a great idea.. though I am handy enough, I am in no way confident I could pull the job off myself... would be more than happy to make a bit of a project out of it with someone's assistance for which I would be happy to pay?

    Nudge nudge... :?: :wink:
  4. It's a learner bike in excellent condition. Keep it stock and you'll have a nice high resale value with which to buy a bike with the arse of your dreams. Chop on a fireblade tail and you'll have to fart-arse about with electrics, brackets and all sorts of stuff. Your ignition key won't fit the seat. The tail will be a different colour scheme to the rest of the bike (unless you respray it, thus making the next buyer absolutely sure it's been crashed, further reducing the resale value) and your insurance company will probably crack the shits about it etc etc etc

    I recommend you save this project for once you're off restrictions - or if you crash that RVF and want to streetfighter it out of necessity.
  5. lol Loz, the voice of reason...... all those reasons are exactly why I didn;t slap a bloody kit on it in the first place..... however, if I did find a way to do this, I would want to do so in such a way that the bike could be reverted to stock for resale.

    I certainly wouldn;t be "chopping" anything.... however, that statement in itself may be evidence of my ignorance regarding what is required for such a job... I kinda assumed there would be a way of rolling back seemlessly... however, if ther wasn't, I wouldn't touch my pristine little baby :)
  6. Well have a look I guess, at the array of stuff that bolts to your subframe. Batteries, regulators, lights and indicators, relays, wiring harnesses and the like. All that would have to be modified to fit a new subframe.

    Is the subframe welded on or bolted? Lots (most?) are welded. And the subframe geometry of one bike is rarely a simple swap with another; reinforced brackets are usually needed to give the right seat geometry - and it's hard to tell if you'll get it right, or end up with something that feels wrong or 'crogs your nads' until you fit the seat unit and get on for a ride.

    Not that tail unit swaps aren't a worthy project; I'm sure it'd be a lot of fun and custom is king. But you wouldn't want to have your daily ride off the road for a month or two while you faffed about, and you wouldn't want to do it to something that you're gonna want to sell in a year's time.
  7. Might be an easy job, might not, there are a lot of things to consider.
    If the seat profile matches the contour of the tank, the position of the sub-frame and dog bones and where they mount to the frame itself.

    You could possibly make adapters that can then be removed to return the bike to stock, but this would depend on all of the above, and of course your facilities and skill level.

    If i had the money, i would happily undergo a similar project on my bike, as i too dont particularly like my tail. The time and effort involved are probably the smallest issue, for me its $$.

    Wiring is a peice of poo, easy as. There is bugger all back there, you could wire in some real nice plugs that no one will ever see and have both tail units interchangeable.

    Keep in mind, i have access to an engineering company to accomodate all of my projects, and so pulling apart a bike and fabricating custom bits and peices is no big deal for me. If you have to pay someone or dont have the right tools etc. It may be quite a bit harder.
  8. Thanks Loz, this is the kinda thing this forum is all about - dumba rses asking questions and being put straight by people who know better hehe :)

    Consider the idea shelved - unless I can find a unit with storage that bolts onto the OEM - the KConversion one does, though it don't have storage...

    Hmm anyone wanna try putting storage into a KConversion unit? :)