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VIC Is there a required distance between speed signs.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kitt, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Just a quick question,

    Is there a legal or required amount of speed signage on country roads ..

    Say for example a road of approx 7 km's in length between two towns ,
    as you are approx half a km from exiting one town there is a sign post that reads 80 km ,
    you leave said town and are now out on a country road , with no housing or street lighting ,
    and not one speed sign until you have travelled approx 7 km's and there is now an entry speed sign of 60kms into the next town .

    Is the road you have been travelling on a 80km zone ??
    Or is it a 100km zone ??
  2. Yes.

    As for the distance between speed limit changes, I live near a section of road that has nine changes in speed limit over just 2 kilometres. So clearly if there is any required distance between zones it is at best extremely small.
  3. I doubt there's any legal requirements in distance between speed signs.
    They can really do what they like..

    With all the limit reductions (errr... after road improvements in some cases) there seem to be many places where there are a lot of discrepancies....
    One that comes to mind is at the Reefton spur at the T where we turn left towards Marysville.
    Spur itself we all know is now 80kph, but after you turn left, it's derestricted and 100kph but you'd never know after turning left as there are no speed limit signs from that T-intersections until you get to the slower limits as you enter Marysville.

    We've also got some crazy rural roads with different speed limits depending which way you're going....
  4. Why I ask this is because I've noticed most areas that are posted at the 80km limit actually have 80km signs up approx half to 1km apart ..
    was just curious as this road doesn't and it clearly becomes what I would call a country road that anyone not familiar with the area would
    'assume' that you could travel at the 100km limit .
    Thanks for your replies :D
  5. Never assume.
  6. Rule 21 in the road rules

    (3) A speed-limit sign on a road applies to the length of road beginning at the sign and ending at the nearest of the following⎯
    (a) a speed-limit sign on the road with a different number on the sign;
    (b) an end speed-limit sign or speed derestriction sign on the road;
    (c) if the road ends at a T-intersection or dead end—the end of the road.

    and rule 25

    Speed-limit elsewhere
    (1) If a speed-limit sign does not apply to a length of road and the length of road is not in a speed- limited area or shared zone, the speed-limit applying to a driver for the length of road is the default speed-limit.
    Length, of road, is defined in the dictionary, shared zone is defined in rule 24, and speed-limited area is defined in rule 22.
    (2) The default speed-limit applying to a driver for a length of road in a built-up area is 50 kilometres per hour.
    Built-up area is defined in the dictionary.
    (3) The default speed-limit applying to a driver for any other length of road is 100 kilometres per hour.
  7. You're forgetting rule 28:

    (1) One way or another, Vicroads will f*&k you.
  8. there's 475 pages of rules. thats what f*&^s us.
  9. The rule of thumb for enforcement purposes is make sure there's 200m between speed change zones.
  10. I hate where some places go from 100 ~ 80 ~ 60 in about 200m, which is fine, and others extend the 60 or 80 signs for 10 freekin km outside the town - for no other reason that revenue generation.

    The one thing you can depend upon in this world, apart from death and taxes, is that country cops will be out on these deserted stretches of 60k road at 6am sharp on sunday mornings, paying for the christmas party. They prefer it to donuts and sex. The only better thing is to write tickets for out-of-towners. Better than that - motorcycle riding ones. Better than that - fast bike riding young out-of-towners. I reckon they spend the next month fondling their magnalite and remembering...