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Is there a regular Netrider event in Perth?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by voyager, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. And if not, why not??? :p

    Seriously though, if there is, can someone pass me the details? I'll be back home next week and would love to catch up with the WA contingent from here.

  2. steve are you riding the bike across to perth
  3. oh im heading over there to visit my folks in Feb - im trying to find a cheap place to rent a bike for a couple of days. Anyone know any places? i might give my mates at Rick Honda a call and see if they can lend me a bike
  4. Hey I am from WA too! I just got a bike a week ago and have been riding to uni so I'd like to meet up with some of the Perth guys and gals as well :D.
  5. Yeah, I'd be interested in this.
  6. Me too, if you don't mind old farts..........
  7. imajo, i think you look hot in your leathers! :]
  8. This is something that should be set up - a standing Perth event. There are plenty of places you could hold this (I can think of a few) depending solely on how central to the city you want to be.

    I'd recommend Scarborough since there is an abundance of late-nighters and bike parking there, but really you could go just about anywhere.
  9. yeah im heading down for a couple of days from the 18-20 november. Wish i cold take my bike over there.... really nice roads over there. I dont want to pay $200 a day either.

    ponders if any mates over there have motorbikes???