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IS THERE a motorcycling 'philosophy' ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. I would cautiously say no, because, like every other pastime and occupation in the world, there is so many people practicing it that it is open to a widely-varied interpretation. The fact that there is a motorcycle to suit just about every type and taste should indicate that people have varying expectations, and will therefore have varying levels of commitment and enthusiasm. There should be no prevailing expectation that just because someone rides a bike that he/she is a kindred spirit, with the same mindset as yourself. When you encounter someone who DOES, that's a bonus, not a default position. Millions of people wear Nike shoes, for example, but there is probably no common bond between any of them, even if the shoes might be provided by a sponsor for a sports team; when they are not playing together they are just a group of individuals.

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  2. Why did you ask when you knew the answer??? :p:LOL:
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  3. I should have put "Discuss" at the end, shouldn't I???????
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  4. Motorcycling philosophy?

    I think, therefore I'm going for a ride.
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  5. Motorcycling Reality; I'm at work, therefore I CAN'T go for a ride :LOL:
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  6. Motorcycling Purgatory: I was riding, but I don't know when I'll ride again
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  7. The branches of Motorcycle Philosophy

    • Metaphysics Study of Existence - What's out there to ride?
    • Epistemology Study of Knowledge - How do I know about riding it?
    • Ethics Study of Action - What should I do to ride it?
    • Politics Study of Force - What actions are permissible while riding?
    • Esthetics Study of Art - What can life be like while riding?
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  8. I'd rather discuss how you've now ruined Nike shoes for me.

    Every time I saw somebody wearing Nike shoes I'd give them a secret nod and a smile. It didn't matter if they were wearing basketball shoes, cross trainers or canvas shoes. If they were wearing Nike's I knew they were good people.

    Hell, I'd even nod at the posers that wore those ridiculous barefoot running shoes even though its really just a lifestyle choice.

    The Nike brotherhood. The passion I shared with so many other people.

    All gone.
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  9. Is there a motorcycling philosophy?

    I don't think there is a philosophy as in singular philosophy. I do think though that there are many philosophies of motorcycling, just like there are many philosophies of life. No one philosophy has all the answers nor all the knowledge. However, I do think some philosophies of motorcycling are more pure than others.
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  10. Beginner motorcyclist reality:

    Corner...shit shit shit....pheww made it.
    Rain....that's it I am dead, just don't lean, DO NOT LEAN.
    Big Mack truck next to me.....Gulp
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  11. For me, I find the riding makes me think.

    So less of I think therefore I am and more of - I ride therefore I think therefore I am.
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  12. I ride, therefore I think I'm riding?


    I ride, therefore I think I'm Doohan
  13. It depends on what you mean by 'think'. Personally, riding helps me to clear my mind, even if only for the duration of the ride.
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  14. A little more seriously, there are probably a few motorcycling "philosophies", rather than just one, just are there are categories on this site by bike type. I would have a couple of suggestions...

    Cruisers - not limited to Harleys - are generally weekend riders who are into it for a hobby. Relaxation, often friendship, with style and impressions an important factor. As a philosophy I would suggest they want to be anarchists, but really are more aesthetes.

    Sportsbikes - Those that are addicted to speed. It's not just about going fast, but getting to speed quickly too. These could be described as epicurean, but those outside may attribute Darwinism to them.

    Adventure Bikes - people who love the outdoors, might subscribe to a form of Naturism, but in reality they farkle their bikes endlessly, so maybe Consumerism may be more appropriate?
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  15. Experienced riders reality

    Corner - yes yes yes. Oh I could have done that better
    Rain - meh. Then again, fcuk yes, a chance to spin up the rear and pretend I'm the Sultan of Swing, or the Samurai of slide (lets see who gets these references)
    Big Mack Truck next to me - damn I done fcuked up, scan - I'll just drop back a bit or I'll get passed this bloke right now depending on situation.
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  16. You forgot commuter - those that ride small cheap scooters or motorcycles because it's cheaper than a car. Also tend to have a car centric view of the world.
  17. I'm sure I forgot more than just them. Maybe I will add to it later.
  18. Then there's riders like me. I ride a 'sports tourer', depending on the mood I enjoy just 'cruising along' looking at the scenery. Other days I like to ride as fast as I'm comfortable with. I commute, but my bike costs as much to run as a medium sized car (certainly in terms of fuel usage and more when it comes to tyres) and I treat cars and other traffic with disdain. I enjoy riding with other people, but I also understand that even then riding is an activity that one does on ones own. I get immense joy from riding by myself.

    I find a lot of ATGATTers have little understanding of the true nature of motorcycling. I am disgusted by those who truly believe they had no part to play in their falling off. I truly wish both these types would just fcuk off back to the nice safe metal cocoon that is their car and leave motorcycling to the rest of us.
  19. Just because it wasn't your fault (did nothing 'wrong') doesn't mean you couldn't have done things differently/better. That there is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.
  20. The first time I rode a single tracked vehicle I was 10 years old.That's a really late starter these days. That vehicle was a girls pushbike. I couldn't believe the speed I achieved,the power I suddenly could produce was gobsmacking. I loved how it felt, still do 47 years later but there's a little bit more needed now. I have ridden all kinds of bikes, love them all.Even the slow ones. I just like the feeling it gives me, found the same thing skiing. I expect everyone else is the same,or at least those that have the same feeling are.I suppose those that dont, dont ride or continue to ride. That I definatly dont understand. I know it's hard to believe but occasionally I meet other riders who end up being dickheads, usually this comes as a complete surprise. It takes all kinds to make a world.So overarching philipsapy yes, but not all comite fully
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