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Is there a LAMS version of the nekkid Hyo 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I know, I know, all the caveats about buying Hyosung. But as something with a bit more grunt and a low seat, the 650 naked might have a bit of potential... but the only LAMS ones I'm finding on Bikesales are the sportier R model. The Mrs wants higher bars...

  2. Streetfighter it.


    Pretty sure there was, the GT650 right?

    Edit: apparently they called it the Comet.
  3. indeed there is, and I've been silly enough to put a deposit down for a 2008 model as after trying out lots of bikes to sit on, it was by far and away the most comfy for a fat bastard like myself. The rest just felt absolutely tiny.
  4. Bravus, what about something like the er-6nL instead?
  5. Yeah, that could work, but it has a higher seat, I think: the Mrs is a shortarse.

    The Hyo is just one of the things we'll get her to sit on and me to ride once the finances come together...
  6. Hyo's are pretty tall. My 250 is taller than an er6-n (seat height)
  7. Try the GSX650F also. Relatively low seat if that's what you need with enough go when required for a LAM's bike.

  8. Yes there is I had one, wouldn't recommend one though.

    Now there's other LAM's bike's there's no need to put yourself though that...
  9. I have a Comet. It's had to be lowered to suit me (5"4). I believe the ER6N is a touch lower.
  10. Why not get a GS500 Suzuki? Those aren't restricted and are available for reasonable prices.
  11. Hyo's make for great tinder when you've got a big bonfire goin, i think they appreciate in price when they dont exist.

    Seriously, get a Suzuki, imo they're LAMS bikes are the best out there.
  12. There is, the difference between it and the unrestricted version being the smaller blast radius.
  13. They're easy to work on too: