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Is there a kangaroo sign?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twistngo, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Nearly took out skippy this morning and he was sitting on the edge of the road when I got going again (stopped in time). A few bends further on there was a group of bikes coming and I had no idea how to signal. Happened a few times now and I was wondering if there was some sort of signal.

  2. Possibly make the twirling cops sign? Might make them slow down and be more cautious???
  3. Jump up on your seat with your hands out like a Kangaroo.
  4. Had a wombat come out at me yesterday, and dawdle across the road, I guess you can just point to the road or something, like you would a road surface hazard and hope they get the hint.
    If standing up on the pegs like a roo was a roo signal i guess a womabat signal would be to try and crouch and look fat
  5. i would just do the slow down motion with my hand (open palm up and down) or the cop finger twirl. at least this would slow them down and make them more aware.
  6. I think this is treated as the universal sign that there's some sort of hazard ahead. That or the headlight flash.

    Signaling for something else specific like cops creates the risk they'll not see the roos because they're fixated on looking for cops.
  7. Easier for some than others.
  8. Hahha. That should work well.
  9. If you can't make the sign for a roo without falling off you don't deserve to ride.
  10. True, but might be interesting if you do it and another roo comes along. They tend to travel in mobs.

    Plus you might have an engine braking issue. I gave someone the finger using my right hand once (wasn't thinking), and had some rather significant decelleration (sp).
  11. haha the perfect mirrors for you,
  12. Bwahahaha. Gold.
  13. bhahaha epic winning there takamii
  14. I have one of those and with the suction cups, I stuck them on the rear drivers side window. If someone is in the right lane going 80 on the freeway, I pass them on their left and activate the bird flipping...loved it :D.

    But then it broke...need to fix it.