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Is there a Guru in the house? fixing up a '78 bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by maestro, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. I have a Honda CB400T, which you can see in the link below:


    It goes pretty well, but needs some attention. Cosmetic work, the forks need hard chroming, the engine could use some attention, possibly even some performance enhancements.

    Are there some melbournites here who'd be willing to make some suggestions if I were to bring it around on Saturday?

    For those interested, the photo album also includes photos of a trip up Mt Hotham. The "Mansfield" photo shows where I came off into a ditch.

  2. Re: Is there a Guru in the house? fixing up a '78 bik

    see the sticky thread in rides and announcments for FRIDAY NIGHT COFFEE
    come down , and people can see the bike and get an idea of what you are talking about .

    the chairman may be able to help and a few others .
    coffee this week will be a little quieter than normal because of superbikes but you will be able to meet a few of us and get some advise .
    its every friday night .
  3. Hmmm Nice bike I fixed up a 1980 CB250T fiew years back...

    From what I remember there is a fair bit you can do to it in the "preformance" department but it might not be worth it... I think there might be some people racing these old bikes... As for hard chroming the forks.. I was quoted $160 here in Melbourne fiew years ago but there is a mob in Quensland which specialises in Motorbike forks and they charged me onlu $60... (mind you this was 4 years ago)...
  4. Thanks for the info!
    Work goes till 8pm tonight but I'll be along afterwards to see if anyone is still there.

    Lordtb, I'd be interested to know the name of the queensland mob, it sounds like they could offer a good deal.
  5. Bought one of those many years ago and did a (stupid thing) "total remake" on it. Stripped it completely, had the frame and other bits powdercoated/ tank-side panels painted up, bearings allround, engine done up (rattly camchain and sluggish oilpump)...went like a dream for another 25.000km of mainly touring. Due to the colours involved it was nick-named the "Frog" (yellow frame/ wheels, greenish-teal tank).
    Last I heard it was still around somewhere in the Box Hill area.
    Goodie loved it to death :))
  6. I'll try to make it tonight for the coffe tonight... Though I think i'm coming down with something.... Any way I'll try and find the name of the mob... it has been a while...
  7. Mate,
    If you need some bits for it, PM me with details. My dad and I have about 3 and a half of these things in the back shed, along with other odds and ends. If i speak to him, we may be able to hook u up!