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Is the Yammy R1 06 Model ignition watermarked like the Honda

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Zbike, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. hey i need to know if the ignintion is watermaked to the key and EFI on the 06 R1 like it is on the CBR's where it is impossible to start withiout the electronic code located in the key itself.

  2. is that the official term for it?

    HISS is what honda call their systems. Honda Ignition Security System

    The keys contain a chip that is read by the transponder on the ignition barrel.

    You can still start it with a duplicate key but you need to turn the key to on and leave it there for 45 minutes in the event that you loose the coded key. Well, thats what its like on some cars, not sure about bikes
  3. the guy at New World said that only a coded key could start my VFR (with HISS) and that they needed a coded key in order to code another key. You get 2 when you buy the bike, so he said to NOT lose the 2nd key, and he taped it into my owners manual folder.

    If I lose 1 key, then lose the other before a new key can be coded, they need to order 2 brand new keys (with different coding) and replace the ignition barrel and lock so that everything matches up. Not a cheap exercise.

  4. R6 from about 2003 onwards have a computerised immobiliser. They will not start unless the correct computer chip is in the key.

    Black key is for everyday use. The only way to get a new key to work in the ignition is to use the special "red" key to tell the bike to accept the new key.
    So always get the red key when you buy a used R6, as well as the black one(s). New bike comes with 2 black, 1 red. Replacement black ones are about $70-80 but will only work if you program them with the "red" key.

    Otherwise you have to buy a new ignition barrel, ECU computer, etc. $$$$$
  5. I dont know what its called VIC its just what i call it, everyone know what a watermark.

    Thanks for explaining how it works Hotcam.

    Yeah my mate bought the bike as a write off no key included, the whole new exercise to replace everything that is needed is about $1800 from a dealer.

    Only a bit cheaper at wreckers.

    Guna try and track down the prevouse owner.
  6. Can't replace it with a non security barrel?

    Most people that steal bikes hardly worry about how they are going to start them to get them away?
  7. The system is a part of the bike's engine computer so you cannot run the engine without the correct keys. It's designed so that people steal less R6's because they cannot force the ignition to ride the bike away, and know they cannot start the bike later down the track (even after a $100 ignition barrel replacement like most bikes).

  8. Sweet, thanks for that. Was unsure if you could just swap barrels