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Is the Street Triple R worth upgrading to?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by StrongBow, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, i am currently riding a Honda CB400,
    i am thinking of upgrading to the Triumph Street Triple R, do you guys think that it is worth the upgrade?
    Will i be expecting much difference in power, handling, riding experience?
    I am pretty afraid that after forking out all that cash, I might find the Triumph's performance almost similar to the Honda Cb400.

    Any inputs from you guys would help greatly!
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  2. Why not think about speed triple ? 96 kws should keep u smiling
  3. Was reading that the speed triple was not as nimble as the street triple and also it has insignificant increase of top speed compared to the streettriple. Hefty price tag, also too tall seat height for me i guess. :D

    So trying to find out. Is the street triple good enough? Will it suffice me? Haha

  4. Go test ride one and find out... problem solved.

    then again why limit yourself to just one bike, go test ride a few you might be surprised at what you learn.
  5. I upgraded from a hornet 600 and it was worth the upgrade. Its got gobs more torque through the range and the handling is great too.
  6. Why not get a ktm1290?
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  7. Just test ride one then you will know. I can tell you though its a big step up from the CB400 in torque and power, the biggest thing you will notice is the punch from low revs. The induction noise is almost worth it by itself and the brakes are brilliant.

    Is is enough power long term though? Well depends on your riding style :) I have had alot of fast cars in the past so it wasn't enough for me long term. In every other area though its the benchmark middleweight naked bike.
  8. Thanks everyone for ur inputs. :D good to know that it will be worth the upgrade. Thanks!
  9. If you are in test ride mode take a Aprilia Shiver 750 for a spin..... About the same coin as a triple and a mid weight naked as well.
  10. You sir, would make a damn fine Street triple rider.

    I know how fanatical the CB400 crowd can be*. It's only natural that you further this enthusiasm to a Street Triple.


    * I bet your CB400 can keep up with most litre bikes, yes? Maybe you'd like to do the maths on a theoretical drag race for us?
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  11. Actually i have kind of decided upon the street triple as the looks attract me greatly like no other bikes. Haha. My friends all think that the headlights are hideous. But i find it full of character.

    Anyone knows what pricing is the maintenance of triumph's bike?
    Is the spare parts priced more like the jap bikes or euro ones? Haha
  12. No sir im afraid u are much mistaken. My cb400 is nth special and is definitely unable to keep up with a litre bike having a go at it. :D

  13. Oh. I regret to inform you that, with such an acute sense of reality, you may not be suitable to the grandeur that is Street Triple ownership.

    Membership declined.
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  14. The question is, are you bored with it? If you're still having fun, keep it.
    But if you find yourself longing for more, then move up. I think you'll find plenty of ability in the STR that will keep you happy for a long time.
  15. After the first service, minor service at 10,000k, from memory $400 or so.
    Major service at 20,000k around $800. Don't know about parts pricing. There's a street triple forum that may give you an idea.

    If you can ride a Street Triple to its limits you are going well.

  16. Yep, the Street is a far better bike, I've had both.
  17. Mind letting me know what they did for the 400 and 800 bucks servicing respectively? Thats kinda expensive!

    Damnit. :(
  18. STR basically has double the power of a CB400, and the rest
  19. I can only suggest test riding the bikes you are thinking of and like. the ST is a great bike from everything I've heard about it.
  20. Its whatevers in the book. They do the valves at the 20,000k one and apparently there's a fair bit of work to get at them. I sussed this out when I bought the bike so I knew it was expensive.
    That's dealer prices. Some places will do it cheaper. I think the first service was $400, it was a while ago and I can't remember. Just did the $800 one.
    But $1200 over 2 years is about what I used to pay on the old bike with 6000k intervals.