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Is the Spur really worth it??

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. OK, so i'venever ridden the Spur....yet.


    it seems everytimne i log in here there is another story about a crash on the Spur.

    From the pics and videos i'f seen it's a road i'd love to ride on (maybe at a more sedate pace though), but I really wonder if it is as dangerous as the number of crashes make it appear, are there other factors invlolved (usualy are in everything else :? ) or do riders egos get inthe way of good judgment (as unlikely as that may seem :p )

    Currently i am putting off the Spur untill i'm off restrictions and a LOT more experience riding.

    Hmm...Not coming accros the way i wanted to but i'll add more as the thread unfolds i guess

    Just after other people thoughts.

  2. I recommend highly the instructed rides put on by the Yarra Ranges shire. Great value, individual feedback, lots of tips and a great (and safe) ride.

    Not certain, but I think they are now in recess until later in the year.

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  4. imo the spur is one of the best roads you will ride.... it has a good surface and the lanes are quite wide also most of the corners have posted advisory signs..... so yeah i think people just get sucked into it a bit..... if you have a level head on your shoulders and ride to your own ability and allow yourself enough within your riding ability to cater for the odd bike or car on your side of the road then i think you shouldnt have a problem. I think there are far more dangerous roads out there then the spur......

    well thats my 2 cents worth
  5. Hey Drew, I understand your apprehension about riding the spur, but in all honesty, you have nothing to be affraid of.

    I rode the spur in my first month of getting my L's.
    I ride it frequently and have never had an issue.
    I know there seems to be a lot of accidents on the spur, but I reckon apart from the oncoming cars the only real danger is wildlife and riders themself. Its up to each of us to ensure we are in the right frame of mind everytime we venture out onto any road, ride within our own limits and not get distracted by other riders.

    The first time I went up to the spur I was ignorant to all of the crashes that have occured and just let the road unfold infront of me, its such a beautiful environment, the smell of the forrest, the huge trees, the sounds of birds whistling and awesome views on the way there and back.
    The day strech and I got our license we rode to the spur to celebrate.
    The only hiccup I've ever encountered on the spur was one day in Marysville while stopped for lunch, I returned to the outside eating area to find a parrot had stolen my lunch :LOL:

    Don't be affraid to ride either of the spurs (black or reefton)
    Just go at your own pace and enjoy yourself.
  6. Instructed ride or not, nothing happening this side of July due to months of prior engagements. (other than the odd Sunday ride around the place)

    Might have to go midweek soetime when i get a day off, gets a bit crowded on weekendds doesn't it?

    thanks for the replies, it just seems to crop up often in relation to crahses and injuries....2 things i'd rather avoid if at all possible.
  7. Yep, it's worth it, but not on weekends or school hols.
  8. Having finaly got my sorry little arse out to the spurs on monday, i will say they are a really great road, and magnificent for improving your twisties technique.

    But! You have to keep your head on your sholders. The road has a lot of trafic, the road has logging trucks and 4WDs towing boats and caravans, The road has gum treas over it that can leave a lot of leaf matter and oil on the road.

    On monday it was compleatly clean and had more grip than a cheese greater. It was a dream of a road to have a go at. (And Reefton spur was even better)

    If you can't see around a corner maybe you should be slowing down a little and keeping yourself away from the line, If the serface looks questionable maybee you should slow down and streighten up. If you ride every corner the same way every time i think it is the sort of road that can bring you unstuck.

    But if you ride to the conditions then and there, it is an absolute riot
  9. Parrots will do that..smart birds :LOL:

    will see.....at the moment aiming for P's by end on May at the latest. Getting lots of practice...doing my 200KM return commute every day for the next few weeks.
  10. most of the twisties ridining i do is like this. The hills around daylesford are fun but prone to leaves etc after a storm/rain/ or anytime actually.

    yeah i'm slow around corners.. just ask jd. I take my time :grin:
  11. If you haven't ridden the spur(s)black/reefton you really can't comment, its like a drug, you do it once, it scarys the sh!t :shock: out of you, but you can't wait to do it again.... :wink: :wink:
  12. I've been riding for about 5 months now (still on L's) and a couple of weeks ago went and did the spur with a mate.

    I absolutely loved it :grin: :grin: :grin:

    We were going pretty hard (for 250s :oops: ) and there was a fair amount of traffic. Just rode and overtook as I thought it was safe. My mate seemed to take a little more risks than me, but maybe I was just taking the same risks as him.

    Anyway, it was a great ride and I would highly recommend it to people who have anything to a little skill. Just take it at your own skill/pace.
  13. You don't miss what you've never had so if you want to play safe, never ride the spur so you never get an urge to go back due to it being great/better than any other road you've ridden (for fun). :grin:
  14. My wifes 1st ride thro the Black Spur was on a dark night just after the road had been resurfaced with about 50mm of loose gravel everywhere except for two wheel tracks .
    It didnt faze her , she just rode within her abiliteis and road conditions .
    Me I hated it ,two tracks 300mm wide all thro the Spur in the dark was not fun.
    The Spur is just another road , ride it as its posted and keep your eyeout for errant drivers and riders and you will be right .
    The higher incidence of offs is prolly due to the number of bikes on that stretch at higher speeds than is advisable for the rider or conditions .
    Just stay within your own comfort and skill zone and you will do fine .
    As your skill level increases so will your speed.
  15. +1
    rather than repeat word for word :wink:

    It is one of the better maintained pieces of highway
    It is not a dangerous stretch of road
    BUT It is public domain - NOT a race track
  16. I've done them a few times. I'm not rushing back to do them in a huge hurry, but if there's a particular ride that I want to do, with others that I have confidence in will not try to kill themselves or those around them, then Yes I would do them again.

    It's not me or the road that worries me, it's some of the Mensa candidates on it I have seen that do.
  17. this would be the way to go if you want to do a organised/controlled ride through the spurs

    .....these roads are NOT roads to learn on.....
  18. Hi all,

    i ride through both black spur and reefton regularly. I personally don't see why the black spur has such a good reputation, sure it is a good piece of road ....but....it has soo much traffic, you never get a clean easy run, it is sooo short, you are through in a matter of minutes, and it takes a long ride to get to such a small bit....

    Reefton on the other hand deserves its reputation, it is a long ride to get there though, but definitely worth it. There are many other roads that are just as much fun to ride like chum creek, the ride up to Baw Baw (fantastic) and they usually have far less traffic than the Black Spur and are more 'corner for your money' if that is your thing. I think many people try and treat the Black Spur like a race track, maybe cause it is smooth and very wide in places, this can make it dangerous....it is however no more dangerous than any other road as long as you ride within your limits, (really in your limits).

    Just ride them !

  19. I was living in Hepburn when I learnt to ride, Other than the back way out to Franklinford there is nothing with any real twist in it up there. Trust me, if that is your idea of twisty then The Black Spur Willl spin your head... And Reefton will make you blow a fuse compleatly
  20. Hear Hear :beer:
    I agree Reefton is a much nicer piece of road.