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Is the Snowy Ride Safe / Unsafe ?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dazzabee, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Well once again a rider said to me today that he won't ride to the Snowy Ride because he can't believe it could possibly be safe with that many bikes.

    Fair enough, ride your own ride and to your own comfort level but I just don't get it. I've been there three times and although I've seen some questionable riding it's really not much different than any congested traffic situation. Heck, a couple of times I went along for very long periods without seeing anyone. I guess everyone is either hung over, been scared off or know of better routes than I do. Not to mention the Snowy Ride has a lot more to it than riding.

    So I'd be interested in hearing what others think about it. Is the Snowy Ride getting a bum rap when people say it's unsafe, or is there something to it?
  2. How, exactly, does the number of bikes really affect the safety of an event? I suppose it increases the chances of the inclusion of at least one idiot but otherwise, how significant can it be?

    I admit I'm not familiar with the Snowy ride, though. I have, however, ridden into central London a few times in company with 10,000 other bikes (felt like 10,000 anyway). That was always fun in an "Ohshitsmoeone'sdefinitelygoingtocopitinaminuteIhopeit'snotme" kind of way :twisted:.
  3. Seems as safe and any other ride to me in the last two years I've been to it...
    You can come across idiots anywhere but I in fact feel safer in an environment where everyone (including cages) are keeping more vigilent and looking out for bikes more because of the sheer numbers of bikes in the area....
    One of the reasons smidsy's happen is because drivers don't expect bikes.
    Saturate the cities with bikes then everyone will be looking out for them.
    It all works quite well remember that the check points are quite a few k's away from each other...
    I'll be back again...
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  4. well you get tools everywhere and that can be an issue - with 3116 riders
    one guy did die
    there was a couple of offs
    but considering how many were there i think it must be safe
    except for the chick on the scooter who passed me on the way to charlottes pass doing 140 - she is a ****en looney and a health hazard
    a few people were showing off
    a few people drank too much
    a few people had way too much fun
    there were far to much bike candy to look at and listen to
    nah not unsafe and people who think like that should sell their bike and buy a volvo and never take it out of the garage
    the most dangerous thing was the food at the bottom pub in jyndi
    see you there next year
  5. I have been riding for less than a year (after a break of 30 years) and went on my first Snowy ride. I enjoyed every second from leaving my driveway to riding back in.
    Not for one minute did I feel in any danger or feel like anyone was going to crash into me, either on a bike or in a cage.
    There wasn't a single accident on the day of the ride (as announced at the presentation) and the fatality afterwards, in Jindabyne was a rider not participating in the ride (I have read).
    It's not like all 3200 bikes are heading up Charlotte pass at once. The only time it felt crowded was at 4.00 pm in Thredbo but the crowd slowly built up and it was no hassle.
    Roll on November 3rd 2012, can't wait.

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  6. Never done the ride with a huge group - only about 5 to 7 of us but I had a ball
  7. I was thinking the resent Rocker Run from Tempi to the Gong might be similar but it was fine,I saw 1 example of ******** behaviour which was pretty good considering how many were there.To be honest The Snowy Run would be considerably safer than the less than 10 who go on my club run down there.There are very remote spots on the better roads where having on off would be problematic getting any rescue.There would be a better chance of getting help with the numbers involved.There is always the chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,at least you have the nice view while waiting.Its by far the best riding area in OZ so what you going to do,miss it.
  8. Am I the only one concerned about Dazzabee of late?
    It's like you got old and turned beige overnight...

    (I've not been yet, but will be there 2012. Especially if someone tells me it's "dangerous")
  9. You'll find that most of the participants are 'real' riders, often traveling from a fair ol distance and mostly experienced. As Joe said, you'll get a few knobs and some that are quite funny to watch (at a safe distance). I'm more worried at the TNMR with some of the fkn tools that turn up for their one night of mayhem of the week.

    Jus saying.....
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  10. I love that photo. I had planned on putting it in my epic Snowy Ride video but it didn't make it in the final cut.
  11. Have you met Mongo yet? No chance of going beige with him around. :)

    I'll be riding in the Snowies as often as possible and love going to the Snowy Ride. I did that video this year partially to show a few friends how much they were missing out as well as to support the ride.

    I'm just curious as to why I get the negative comments so often about that ride. I think I'm just talking to the wrong riders so it's great to read the feedback here. Much more sensible.
  12. Yeah we travel 500km or so to get there (couple of windy detours). Love that place for riding and the Snowy Ride is a great thing for learner aswell. People say it's unsafe but to them the same amount of cars in the same place (city) is safe, yeah right if you ask me
  13. I generally just like roads more the emptier of any traffic they are.
  14. Safe: I've been 8-10 times and have seen some pretty bad crashes. It always amazes me the circumstances around a wreck, people riding too fast well beyond thier capabilty. The Snowy Ride has fewer hoons than it used too and is a great experience. Enjoy the trip down down and back;great roads and great scenery; on Saturday ride defensively and within your limits, enjoy the day for what it is (not a race). Friday and Saturday nights, drink some beers, meet some people. The Snowy Ride is one of the highlights of my year.. :)
  15. I went for the first and had a ball, the 3000 odd riders are spread out all over the place and only congregate at Thredbo.
  16. Glad to see I'm not the only person in the world who's thought of this.

    On topic - I can understand a little concern, but I can't bring myself to see the extra risk of being around lots of bikes as a reason to not go. I mean, if you don't want to go then don't go, but as excuses go that one's a bit ... lame.
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  17. I've been 3 times now, seen at least one accident each year (picked a guy up and had him ride biatch into Jindy last year).
    Never felt in more danger there than anywhere else I ride. :)