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Is The Simpsons bad for kids?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeimbo, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    My 8.5 year old has just been given permission to watch The Simpsons again after having it banned since he was 6 as he emulated Bart Simpson at school and generally copied the behaviour on the show.

    What do others think - esp parents? Are the behaviours on the show bad for kids to watch or is it just me being old and grumpy? I suppose we should just watch for behaviour changes now he's older as he has changes a fair bit in 2.5 years.

    Be interesting to hear what people think.


  2. I think that The Simpsons is bad for everyone.
  3. yeah, yellow skinned 4 fingered freaks !!

    Allow your daughter to watch Family Guy instead, much more entertaining !
  4. My vote is for Futurama - Bender is an awesome role model for children
  5. Best you don't tell them about Hansel and Gretel pushing the witch into the oven either..
  6. Well I was a huge fan of Tom and Jerry at the age of three (still am) and I haven't yet dropped an anvil on anyone :grin: .

    Much as I would have liked to on many occasions.
  7. Jeeeezus, they're kids, let 'em get up to some mischief while they've still got some spirit left!
  8. the Simpsons promote family values and Christianity to a fault. There are worse, more evil things out there to worry about.

    like netrider 8-[
  9. I remember the 3 stooges on tv till they banned it for extreme violence
    I remember the bugs bunny and road runner cartoons
    I remember get smart and countless other "violent tv shows" as a kid and I turned out normal *twitch*

    I've downloaded looney toons cartoons and my 3 year old son loves them as much as the simpsons.
    He even want to eat carrots and comes up to me and says "eh what's up doc?"

    Some parents have no farkin idea.
  10. it's all in the parenting.
  11. hey smee, I remember when the 3 Stooges used to be on TV every night of the week, and in a big school and a busy suburb, I don't remember hearing of ONE child who poked another in the eye, or slapped another's head; (although we often said "oh, a wise guy, eh?" to each other at particular events :LOL:)
  12. I know I'm young, but the way I see it, the world is screwed up enough, your kids will eventually realise this themselves and will have to deal with it.

    A show like The Simpsons is full of witty remarks and some very clever humour. Don't deny your kids laughter. Some of the adult humour they probably won't pick up on till they're older anyway.
  13. It's just that you're an old grumpy bastard. If my kids don't get up to enough mischief I'll be a little dissappointed, I even encourage it now. The last thing I want is for my kids to live a life they didn't enjoy. However there are boundaries, like disrespecting people.
  14. As far as the OP goes, I'd have to say no. Somebody has already mentioned that the Simpsons does, at the end of the day at least, promote some family values and at least the characters are generally guided by some kind of morality.

    The Simpsons is something that kids can grow with, as well. Once they get older they will realise that the show does contain some very subtle and witty dialogue, and presents some quite complex social issues and problems in a very simple and humorous way. When they get older still, they will notice that the show is loaded with absolutely razor sharp satirical content, and is peppered with political, historical, literary and pop culture references. This is one of the primary reasons that I think people can watch repeats of The Simpsons over and over again, because every time you 'get' another joke in the dialogue that went over your head the last time you saw it, because you have learned more about society in the meantime that then suddenly places the joke in context.

    Yes, I am a Simpsons fanboy :LOL:

    In any case, the show is (in it's heyday, at least, and to a lesser extent the current episodes) capable of extremely honest and critical examination of society than most TV news shows ever were and probably ever will be. Nothing is sacred, and everything is tested.

    Even if you disagree wholeheartedly with what I have written above, you can at least look at the situation from a 'lesser of evils' perspective. Is The Simpsons worse for kiddies than any of it's contemporaries? No. It is a hell of a lot better than the rest of the putrid filth that passes for TV these days, and at least they stand a chance of being educated (to a small degree, granted) while they are being entertained.

  15. kunt
  16. I always watched the simpsons when i was younger (not now, the episodes have gone all silly) and i turned out alright... I think... :LOL:
  17. Mask, Starblazers and Centurions !

    Now these were the cartoons i grew up with. :grin:
  18. Excuse me, fella but if you'd had to leave work to attend school to deal with behviour that mirrored Bart Simpson then you may not feel obliged to judge my actions with that comment.

  19. Excellent response and great perspective.

    I myself like the show for the reasons you've highlighted. My concern is the effect it has on kids behaviour. They may not pick up on the subtleties and see only the negatives (which are cool things to them) then act on them.
  20. I have to ask....... What did he do exactly???

    I for one love the Simpsons. Best show on TV IMHO. Missus hates it though, so our 5 year old only gets to watch it when the wife is out! My 14 yo grew up watching and she doesn't seem adversley affected. What annoys me sometimes is the crappy advertising for adult shows during kiddy time.....