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is the regulator/rectifier stuffed?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sector77, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. g'day, just found this site looking for help on my road bike.

    I own a 91 model zxr250. I put the battery back and hooked the leads up to it, turned the key to ignition and hit the start button when something close to the battery made a zap, and all the electrics died. Now I charged the battery, and was told i can hook the battery charger up to the leads and see if the bike will kick over. Instead it makes sounds in the regulator/rectifier next to the battery vibrate. Does this mean its stuffed? I checked all the fuses and they are fine. Except when this thing just buzzes.

  2. sounds more like your starter solenoid then your reg rec, check the specks on it and either check it yourself or get a mechanic to do it (they are cheaper than a reg/rec as well)
  3. reply

    This may sound silly, BUT, check that you have the leads on right. You haven't got the polarity wrong have you?

    Second, check for dirty connections. Cars will do the same if the neg lead is dirty.

  4. Don't think hooking the charger up to the leads will work - most domestic chargers would be struggling to supply more than about 4 Amps and there's no way you'd turn the starter over with that. Secondly, a charger doesn't supply pure DC - only crudely rectified AC - imagine a sinewave with the negative part turned positive - you're effectively getting a bunch of 100Hz half-sinewave shaped pulses. It's no wonder it "buzzed"! This isn't to suggest that something else might not be stuffed, but even if it's not, you won't have much luck starting with a charger - you need the starting current that the battery (or a really high current power supply - probably 50-100A) can deliver.