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Is the rego sticker ment to have lams on it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Romie, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. So I noticed for some reason the drz400sm isnt on the rta lams list and only the drz400e is, which seams kinda strange. Also noticed my rego doesnt state LAMS or anything on it. Also looking at the registration receipt, its been registered as an 08, but its an 09 model. Only got it 2 weeks ago fresh from suzuki wiyth 0km's on it. Should I be worried?

  2. The rego only tells you what model bike it has, the vin number and the rego plate number.
  3. when i had the gpx 250 it had lams written on the rego label for nsw, same with my wifes old virago
  4. The guy at my pre-learners course said that the rego should have LAMS on it for all learner bikes...
  5. Mine says LAMS :-s
  6. Yep, if you get stopped and the police check the rego label and see as a learner/provisional rider you are on a non-LAMS bike you will be up for a fine and points.

    Maybe only the 09 sm is LAMS but the dealer sold you an old stock 08 model? Is the DRZ400E also a SM?

    I would take this up with the dealer ASAP.

    Good luck!

  7. When was the bike actually built, if it was assembled in 2008 then it's an 08 bike despite being first rego'd in 09 and being an 09 model.
  8. When I bought my 2010 hyo gt650r i initially got sent a rego label without lams on it. Because its a dealer bike you have to get the dealership (talking for qld here) to update their records and the RTA will send you a new label.
  9. You were right pvda, says 08 on the rego certificate because thats when its complied, looking at the paper work bikes compliance plate is dated 10/08. Rang the dealer just to make sure and he confirmed it definately an 09 modelbut as its complied and made in 08 its registered as an 08 its just the way the rta works, also confirmed its definately lams approved. Codemonkey you were spot on, he said its a common problem with registering new bikes with the rta from a dealership. Went to the RTA and got a new one printed and it states LAMS on it. Also says LA on the certificate of rego under the conditions. Atleast I dont have to worry now incase I get pulled over. Alot of stress over nothing :( I was worried I was going to sell my baby but thank god thats not going to happen anymore. -1 to RTA

    Dealer told me its very common complaint but theres nothing they can do as its to do with the RTA and its a very known problem. Dunno if his pulling my leg but something is definately wrong in the system.
  10. Phew! Glad you got that sorted easily!