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is the nsw p's test cancelled due to rain?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by clinks, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. as the topic says, do they cancel it or do we have to reschedule ourselves?

    kinda sux to wait months for ur test date and have it rained out

  2. nope - rain, hail or shine it's on mate! :)

    It actually says that in your confirmation slip of what you need to remember on the day.

    Either way, you'll be fine as long as you 'HEAD CHECK" and really try and make the effort to take feedback onboard.

    Where are you testing?
  3. Its only canceled in extreme weather conditions, eg. flash flooding, snow, etc. :grin:
  4. Hell no, was pouring all day when I did mine. This is why I suggest people get out there when it's raining and learn how to handle the bike in those conditions, you don't know what the weather will be on the P's test day.
  5. At one test there was a tornado and all the guys and a gal were sucked up into the sky and dropped four miles out to sea and the instructor failed them all coz they failed to head check on the way down!!!!!1
  6. ^ Well, his name is Bonkers...

    Did both days of my L's course + test in Victoria in pouring rain. Actually glad that it was raining, because it gave me a lot more confidence with braking and riding in the wet in general.
  7. Oh WOW I never thought about that - that the Ps test might happen on a day that rained :shock:

    Guess I should take the bike out for a spin now that it's raining in Sydney... practice practice practice...
  8. do they at least provide some wet weather gear? i never ride when it rains and none of my stuff is waterproof =/

    i'm doing it at LOFTUS so its in the open :(
  9. at ours we had our own wet weather gear but they also had some huge yellow raincoat things there.. probably best to call up before the day and find out.. but seriously.. get some yourself and practice in the wet. ;-) what if it starts raining when you're out somewhere?!
  10. I did my L's test in two days of pouring rain. They had these big yellow full body raincoats - quite amusing to try and ride a bike for the first time in one of those, did it though!
  11. HART in Melbourne provided wet weather gear (though your shoes aren't covered)... Best to phone the place you're gonna do it with.
  12. to be honest it never crossed my mind until now and its abit late to practice with the exam in 3 days and me having full time work until then lol

    i can just hope it doesnt rain and maybe find some waterproof clothing - it just wont be motorbike gear =/
  13. i did my Ps in the pouring rain =D.. it was so fun, cept my goolies got trenched in water haha

    but this was in QLD tho :)
  14. No, its cancelled, so is all businesses and public transport. The post offices shut down, as does all incoming flights. If they dont have fuel to make it to another air port they crash into the sea.
  15. I will!