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Is the new Stig Sabine Schmitz?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Speculation here http://www.news.com.au/entertainmen...r-sabine-schmitz/story-e6frfmyi-1225994150206

    is that Ben Collins has been sacked, and replaced by the undoubted star of the "diesel van around the Nurburgring" episode, Sabine Schmitz

    Then again, it's most likely Top Gear generated publicity, and the new Stig might be Noddy, for all we know.....
  2. yuk - I hate that chick
  3. ....well at least you won't have to see her or hear her!!....8-[
  4. I don't reckon they'd have a woman doing it, because it'd be too easy to narrow down the few women in motorsport and identify them. Also, the new Stig doesn't have tits.
  5. Lets just say that Sabine has less personality than the Stig.
  6. So you were the bloke on the sport bike she passed in the Transit :wink:.
  7. lol I remember that too!
    Funny that during that same episode, I actually thought to myself "She's got no chest anyway - she could actually be a Stig!"
  8. Can someone tell me when the new stig actually started as I haven't seen any of the new series as yet....

    And was the new stig announced into the show?

    Yeah, I'm a topgear tragic...... 8-[
  9. First ep season 16.

    Kinda announced it. Watch the 3 wise men special.
  10. More than likely. On both counts. Sabine was about 9'5", so I doubt she's the stig.

    It's probably just another touring car racer, one of the ones that typically starred in the top gear features (bus race, campervan race, car soccer, etc). Probably wouldn't take much effort to work out who tbh.
  11. I hope the new Stig is Tiff Needel. I did see a Stig vs Tiff race a few weeks back.
  12. given the long-standing rivalry between Top Gear and Fifth Gear, I very much doubt that..
  13. id tap it :D
  14. Who Stig lol?

    Sabine = She
    Tiff = He
    Stig = It
  15. Well I'm glad someone else said it first - she does it for me too.
    Lurve a chick that can kick my arse on the track, and probably in the bedroom as well :twisted:
  16. I dig her....

    this is her...