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Is the M109R too big for me?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by nihon_ev, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Howdy gang,

    Long time reader, seldom poster.
    A few years ago i bought a brand spankin new XVS650 to learn to ride on.
    Did my L's test having already put a deposit on it and picked it up the very next day:)

    Did my p's test on it with everyone including the instructor tellin me i was nuts to do the test on such a 'big' bike.

    Anyway long story short, i love the look/sound/bling/comfort/(all of the above) of cruisers, even though im in the age group where i'd stereotypically be riding a crotch rocket. Not that theres anything wrong with that :) Each to their own and all i say.

    Im not a big fella, maybe 165-170cm, and about 70kgs(if i've had to bulk up for a fight), but i'm getting those familiar feelings of: "i need to buy that now!" about the M109R.

    I've had a sit on one a few times, and i dont seem to have any trouble picking it up, or walking it around the store, but i just cant shake the feeling that ill look like a circus midget riding it.

    I've not yet been able to test ride one, as the local dealer reckons their only demo model is in another state?!

    Do you think the vertically challenged folk look a bit silly on big cruisers?

    The M109R just looks so good though, and i need to have one.

    Anyway, i appreciate all your opinions.
    Thanks gang.
  2. Honestly, and I'm not taking the piss, if you have to ask, then probably yes.
  3. Hey thanks for the quick reply!

    Fair call i spose.

    I remember asking the L's course instructor the same question, and he said to me:
    "There's two reasons for buying a bike. You can get one for the practicality of it, and the price and fuel saving and all that.
    You get that one that when you see it you say to yourself, i need to have that"

    Anyway, just thought id see what everyone else thought, thanks again.
  4. You can get a METCRUZE seat that lowers the seat by about 20 mm, and there are lowering links that can slam it by as much as 2.75 inches (70 mm)
    The bars are bit further away than most bikes, so I would be checking that relationship out before buying one, you have em for a long time after that, and if you cant get comfortable, you are still stuck with the bike.

    Having said that - you wouldn't regret buying one - you can always rely on the right hand regulator for power regulation.
    You don't have to use ALL the power ALL the time.

    I use mine as a daily commuter, as do others I have met in the past two weeks. A very civilised brute of a bike!
  5. I've said it a couple of times now, but, I'm not a cruiser fan. However the M109R gives me the wood. I say don't give a shit about how you look. If you want one (I cannot blame you) then go buy one. Don't forget to post up some pics when you get it home :)
  6. Who cares if you look like a midget on an elephant? The only important thing in my opinion is do YOU like it and do YOU want to own and ride it? As long as you have no issues handling it, then what does anything else matter?
  7. yo nihon_ev, i am in the same boat as you. only 165 tall, 60 kg. At first i was looking at the xvs650 to learn on, but felt it was too big, so i settled for the xvs250. After 2 months riding and gaining a bit of confidence, i am starting to steer towards the 650 now.

    As long as you can reach the ground & the handle bars comfortably, plus you have a few years riding experience already, so, if ya love it, get it. :grin:
  8. Follow your heart and enjoy life, go for it.
  9. Since when do riders have to fit their bike? It will just be like a fat guy on a scooter and there are HEAPS of them around. :LOL:
  10. Just do it! \:D/

    You know you want too! :grin:

    I want too! :cool:

    But I can't! :cry:
  11. having been down that path - If you want it - just buy it.
  12. You could of if you hadnt of bought the other toy.. Then again you could always tell the wife (sorry forgot her name :oops: ) you really need it so you are complete.. :LOL:
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  14. Hey thanks for all the replies guys and girls.

    Well i've booked a test ride in for tomorrow so ill let everyone know how it goes.

    Having said that i've already organsied a deposit, so i dont think ill be going into it with a really un-biased view :)

    Im also half thinking about testriding a triumph speedmaster, but i dont think ill get past the M109 in all honesty. It just look s so damn good!

    Anyway, thanks again for all the advice, and ill post something up tomorrow after the ride.
  15. Make sure you haggle hard and talk a deal as I’ve heard guys paying as low as $18,000 on road, at the worldwide 109 rider’s forum (go to the Australian link), NSW north coast "stealer" I believe. The forum/site is currently being transferred but should be online shortly


    Good luck

  16. You want it right? Obviously, otherwise this thread wouldn't exist....
    So what's holding you back exactly?

    Other peoples impressions/judgements of you.

    So what if you do look like a midget on it? You're obviously worrying about what others will think. yes?
    Maybe you need to harden the f^&k up? (I mean this in a really nice way)

    Just get the bike, and get over whatever it is that's making you hestiate.
    You'll be glad you did.

    If you don't, you'll be sorry that you missed out. It's the things that we don't do that we look back on years later and wish we had've.
  17. Get the bike. I did the sit on test on Monday and I know it will be my next one. My problem is I can't get it until July next year, but they are so impressive. I hope you go for it.
  18. That bike is waaaaay too big for you.

    I, however am a fat barstid so give it to me. :grin:
  19. Tomorrow, I have had mine for 3 weeks, and done just over 2000 klms.
    Have been commuting on it in peak hr traffic for the last week, and filtering is easy, as the bike is so stable.

    And, like today, when it is wet, you can spin up the rear in every gear!
    Not that I would do that of course.

    Go on, you know you want to!
  20. Well, after careful consideration of all your replies, and the test ride, weighing up the finances, ..... ahh bugger that, as soon as i kicked the engine over i knew i was gonna buy it, so i did!

    Gotta a fairly good deal i think, put the deposit on it after a bit of haggling and pretending i wasn't gonna buy it.

    And i just picked it up today!

    Of all days though, after how long of sunny 30+ degrees days , i pick my new toy up on the one that rains ?! and now its supposed to be raining for the next week.

    I didn't too much care though, rain or no rain, i reckon ill be riding this everyday for the next month!

    Couldn't believe the amount of people in cages that wound down windows at lights and told me what a sweet looking bike it was:)

    Anyway, thanks for all the advice, as soon as i figure out how, ill post a pic or two up.

    I've also gotta work out how im gonna restrain myself from hitting the throttle a bit whilst im supposed to be 'wearing' in the engine. The book says not to go past 3500 revs in the first 500 ks, how can i wait ?
    I can only imagine it'll be like waiting for xmas as a kid :)

    thanks again.