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News Is The iC-R The Best Smart Helmet Yet?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. We’ve seen a lot of hype surrounding the next generation of motorcycle helmets. The likes of SKULLY and Nuviz had gotten us excited, only to end up disappointing with delayed launches and the seeming inevitability of vaporware. But now there’s a new kid on the block and the iC-R could actually be the best of the bunch.

    The iC-R (Intelligent Cranium) helmet packs a lot of the same technology that these other products do, but what we like most about it is that it actually seems to make an effort to make these features part of improving rider safety instead of just being there for the sake of it. It includes the usual tricks such as HUD navigation, weather updates and so forth but there’s a few really nice additions that are “Why didn’t they think of that before?” ideas.

    Firstly is the rear camera. Although it’s actually two rear cameras which give a total field of view of 210° allowing the rider to see a wider view of what is behind him or her; completely removing the need for the rider to take his or her eyes off the road ahead. It almost eliminates all blind spots.

    The greatest innovation however is what is described as interior notification lighting. There are two LED lights (amber & red) that the rider will see at the edge of their vision to act as a warning of cars coming behind from behind. The LED lighting system works in tandem with a warning sound and/or vibration inside the helmet. The soft amber color means “Warning”; which will blink in 2 second intervals when a vehicle gets within 420 ft. This feature is also accompanied by a warning sound and/or vibration (optional) inside the helmet. The red color means “Danger”; which will blink in 1 second intervals when a vehicle gets within 240 ft. Great for every rider who fears being taken out from behind.

    There’s a few other unique features as well, including a solar panel on top of the helmet to assist with charging, an open SDK (for custom mobile application development) and an “E-tint” that allows you to turn your visors tint on or off at the flick of a button.

    If this comes to fruition, it seems to be the most compelling smart helmet offering so far. If you’re interested in supporting the development of the iC-R, head to the Indiegogo funding page.

    icR-001-150x150. icR-002-150x150. icR-003-150x150.
    icR-004-150x150. icR-005-150x150. icR-006-150x150. icR-007-150x150.

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  2. Looks cool and all. But these helmets surely should have a restriction level based on rider experience. The HUD would be distracting as hell for me
  3. A warning at 420ft and danger at 240ft? In a commuting situation you would always be in danger! Hopefully they mean 42ft and 24ft?

    A good idea would be to have blind spot indicators, rather than just telling you that there's a car nearby - it would save you from having to turn your head to check for cars.

    I personally wouldnt want to be able to see behind me on the visor, all you need is to mistake the images that you are seeing behind you as ones that are infront of you and BANG! Plus being able to see cars behind you would be distracting.

    Change the cameras to record only and use them to trigger the blind spot warning and you're sorted. Plus a camera on the front would be great, seeing as go-pro's are illegal for use on helmets
  4. I rang the guy up, he's explained it badly in the press release. It's not a plain proximity warning, it's a LiDAR system that can track the distance and speed of an approaching object. It'll flash those warnings if a car is flying up behind you at a traffic light and looking as if it's not going to stop.
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  5. Its a nice idea but the backing needed to make this will be huge. I expect this all to become normal in the next 5 years.
  6. That makes a lot more sense. Did they give you any additional info?

    I am curious to know how serious this is - does it have the backing or support of any helmet manufacturers, or will they be doing basic R&D on the design and safety of the helmet from scratch?

    I feel like it might be an ambitious group of friends straight out of uni that are trying to start something without any real knowledge.

    I say this because they struggle to explain the idea properly to a potential investor especially when it comes to prototyping, R&D, production, sales channels/strategies etc.
  7. Here's what I wrote, there's a bit of extra stuff there that wasn't in the press release: http://www.gizmag.com/intelligent-cranium-helmet-ic-r/38165/

    The guy who's designed it isn't a rider, just a nice Virginia lad who wants to make a difference. I highly doubt it'll get funded (800 bucks out of 300 grand so far) and if it does, I highly doubt it'll get built. There's 3 or 4 companies already going full steam on this stuff with millions of dollars behind them, and none of them has managed to get anything to market yet. In fact, for all the marketing wank around the Skully lid, I've never seen a video of somebody actually riding with it.

    This doesn't bother me, after briefly testing a HUD device last year I don't have much desire to test another, let alone buy one. Heads-up speedo and maaaaaaybe navigation are the only things I can see as a real benefit, and those seem to be proving difficult to pull off.
  8. Aside from any philosophical reservations about such things I've spotted a more practical failing of this sort of technology. Decent helmets these days all seem to weigh around 1.5kgs presumably this is the best compromise of many factors. I find this situation quite acceptable, but adding more stuff to the helmet is either going to increase weight and/or materials sophistication which may present a problem for some of us.
  9. Yeah, agree with Loz. It probably won't be until a Bell or Shoei enter the space that it will happen.

    I have a feeling Skully will either be vaporware or a one off product.
  10. Skully's are available now if you want to pay for them. They are real.
  11. They were supposed to start shipping pre-orders about now, but they've pushed the date back again until December. I've never even seen a video of one being used on the road.
  12. To me the iC-R just seems like an Industrial Design/Product Engineering Uni students great attempt at their final year project. It's great as a concept but in reality probably not so great