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Is the Hyosung the only restricted 650?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by crazychick, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Hiya

    My nephew is looking to get a bike and because some 650s are learner legal he wants a 650

    The compromise could be a restricted 650 like the hyosung but is this the only bike that has this option?


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  3. Ducati Monster 620 comes restricted. There are supposedly plans to release the Kwaka ER-6n/f in restricted form.

    There are also heaps of unrestricted 650's that are still learner legal because they meet power/weight restrictions.

    I just happen to be selling my unrestricted, learner legal SZR660...
  4. thanks for your replies guys

    the issues here is that his mum only wants him to have a 250, but, if i can persuade her that a restricted 650 is the same thing (sorta), then he will get his 650, & can get it unrestricted, later, when he is more experienced & she is more confident

    cheers :)
  5. He's less likely to get himself into strife on a 20 year old softly tuned Kawa 650 than he is on a CBRRR-250 :shock:
  6. Cant de-restrict that though and keep after P's, it will always be a 20 year old softly tuned kawa.
    Still an alright old bike, but he probably wants something more modern.

    The sports 250's are more likley to get him in trouble as Hornet mentioned, they are capable of higher corner speeds then most big sportsbikes and thats where most of the trouble happens isnt it?

    All the LAMs bikes are reasonable (though the RVF400 is pushing it), 600 or 250 they accelerate about the same and the 600's are more tourers so less boyracer image to get into. :grin:

    Tell Mum 600 is fine.
  7. Although it is nice, when u find u are going a bit to fast into a corner (than you expected). And the bike you are on WILL play the game and lean...even if the experience leaves your scruds in a right state! :grin: