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News Is the Honda CBR250RR Returning?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Could the legendary Honda CBR250RR be returning to the market? The answer is yes, but not in the way perhaps we would have all hoped for. The original CBR250RR was an incredible machine that still has a place in many a rider’s heart today with its inline-4 engine capable of spinning up to 19,000 rpm.

    The return of the CBR250RR badge will coincide with the release of a new parallel-twin entry level bike to take the fight back to Yamaha, Kawasaki and KTM with their learner friendly machines. Since the release of the CBR250R back in 2011, competitors have released more powerful and sophisticated machines, relegating the now CBR300R to the back of the pack performance wise.

    It had been rumoured since late last year that Honda would heavily overhaul their entry level offerings by swapping the existing single cylinder engine out for a brand new parallel twin. Today Honda announced they would be showing off a concept bike at the Tokyo Motor Show called the Light Super Sports Concept. Other than the lack of any headlights or indicators on the concept (shown below), it’s otherwise production ready and not that different to the current CBR300R shape.

    Given that Honda is making this machine to better compete with the likes of the Ninja 300 and R3, it’s not a great stretch to assume that the bike will have a minimum capacity of 300cc once it hits western markets.


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  2. I'm loving the look of this - especially if it's a new design direction for Honda super sports. It looks to have a modern version of the pre-2007 cbr600rr lights which I love.

    All they need to do is to build one with the same fairing and a midsize V4 :D
  3. that's a nice looking bike
  4. I think they'll need more "R"s

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  5. Looks great, until you stick a rider on it. Still has handlebars, not clip-ons. So it's going to be an upright seating position, which looks wrong on a bike designed to look like a supersport imo. And I wish it had a highly strung motor as well, but very much doubt it.
  6. It looks "OK" if you like all the plastic stuff.

    Unfortunately, without a 4-pot screamer it'll go like a wet fart.
  7. A wet fart can get out of hand real quick ;)
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