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Is the GS500 a good first bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. As a follow on from the last post re scooter to bike, I have looked at the gs500f and pending advice here I will probably buy one this week. Just like to get opinions first. I am coming off a 250cc scooter, 182cm and 100kg. This will be my first real bike. I like it because its cheap new, and this means not a huge loss when I want to upgrade in a year or 2. Its also pretty basic. If I drop this thing, I probably wont be too worried.

    Whats your thoughts?

  2. Had mine since Dec and couldn't be happier with my first bike.
    There's is plenty on the forumn in regards to the gs and most will say it's one of the better learner first bikes around. Bike hasn't changed for nearly 20 years which speakes highly of the simple design.
    Good luck with what ever you choose.
  3. I have a GS500F, and I think it is a great bike. Relatively cheap to purchase, cheap to run, cruises really nicely, comfortable, enough power to have some fun (without being a sportsbike), cheap to insure...

    I don't see any negatives for you.
  4. yes it is
  5. It would be great for you. I had mine for 15 months and I'm heavier than you are.

    Can't recommend it highly enough. Only thing to know is the manual says to do the valves every service - makes for expensive services at least at Peter Stevens!!
  6. About half the learners at the last Homebush Learner session were on GS500's.

  7. yep we where surrounded by spewzukies, bullet proof bikes mate, dont hesitate to buy 1 mate
  8. Excellent. I shall head down to suzuki today and place and order.
  9. I've just bought one, so far so good.....given that they really haven't changed the bike for so long, and they have a bullet proof reputation - I think it's worth while to look at a few used bikes too...lots of GS500 for sale, $4k should see you sorted out with a good one.
  10. A GS is definitely a bike you can live with for a long time. I have had mine about 15 months and am only looking to upgrade because I have some money lying around.

    To put it in perspective, I test rode a Bandit 1250 on the weekend, and did not "hate" my bike on the ride home. Yeah it's not as powerful but in general it is still a pleasure to ride. I think that says a lot.

  11. Other food for thought... I would generally recommend the unfaired version over the faired version for a first bike, however you may well be the right build to hold the bike in the event of a stationary drop. I almost dropped mine once, grabbing a handful of front brake while doing a slow u-turn to park, managed to hold the bike off the ground though which was just as well since I was outside my local cafe with floor to ceiling windows!!! Lots of people to point and laugh at me! But my approach is "fairing = $$$ to replace" - not what I looked for in a first bike.

    By the way, there's a couple for sale in the netrider classifieds at the moment, one in Melbourne and one in Woolongong. If you're in / close to either of those cities, they could be worth a look.
  13. Thinking of upgrading from my 250cc 4 banger to a gs500f aswell as it would be easier to commute on the fwy everyday.

    What kind of mileage you guys get on this bike?
    Any problems getting false neutrals?

    Bike dimensions. Is it similar in size to a 250cc faired sportsbike?
  14. I get around 4L per 100K, combination of both city and fwy riding.
    Overall Length: 2080mm
    Overall Width: 800mm
    Overall Height: 1150mm
    Seat Height: 790mm
    Wheelbase: 1405mm
    Ground Clearance: 120mm
    Fuel Capacity: 20L (about 15.5 before you'd switch to reserve)
    Dry Weight: 180Kg

    No problems with false neutrals on my bike, but on the odd occasion have gone to N from 1st to 2nd but that was laziness rather than bike issues.
  15. I just got a call from the dealer. Told them I saw another mob advertising for $7499 on bikesales.com and they matched it, so put a deposit down. New bike on the way
  16. Congrats!! We want pics when it arrives :)

    I got 5L/100 kms or better over a 40 km commute, 30 kms freeway the rest a mix of country and city traffic. I'm not a real hoon tho.
  17. be carefull, its only been a few years since they were racing 500's in moto gp.

    make sure you take it easy and get the dealer to adjust the power bands to nice and soft.
  18. When riding mine to work,which is about 98km round trip from Sunbury to Port Melbourne, I usually get around 360-370km before having to switch to reserve Usually I would be around 17 litres for 400km. That isn't riding the bike flat out, but is also not just a cruise either.
  19. Yeah. The power bands on my old GS500 were still stiff and I accidentally backflipped it into the hedge outside my house trying a hill start.
  20. the missus used to get about 350-400km out of a tank ..... cheap commuting for sure :)