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Is the first bike you rode here?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. If anyone has fond memories of their first bike, either owned or ridden, then take a look here. Especially if like myself, your first bike/s happened to be dirt bikes. Well I found it interesting anyway :) Oh yeah, the link
    And while we're on the subject -what was the first bike you ever rode? My first was a Suzuki TS90 :LOL: :LOL: sort of inherited it off the old man. Then a run of chookies ranging from a DT175 (twin shocker) YZ 125 (last aircooled model -G I think) to name a couple. Any oldies you were particularly fond of?
    Fire away :)

  2. Sorry, matey, I've never owned or ridden a dirt bike at all, much as it is obviously mucho fun......
  3. First bike ridden was a DT175. first bike and only dirt bike owned, a stinkin KE100 that i bought off my mate for a 100 bucks. Good times though, i was 13 i think.
  4. Fave old trailles...

    XL 250 and XL 500 Hondas.

    DT 175.

    XT 250.
  5. First bike rode was TS75
    learnt to crash is a better way to put it.
  6. First bike was a Yamaha Pee Wee 50.
  7. First bike I owned was a Motobacane V51 moped @ age 16.Sorry I left it this late to get my first 250
  8. Suzuki RM80
    My old man gave it to me for my sixth birthday.

    I remember him getting me to help (watch and clean) rebuild it for about 3 weeks before my birthday.
    He told me he was fixing it to sell it. (we were not wealthy at all)

    6th B'Day comes around and he hands me a second hand helmet and says your presents in the back yard.

    That was an awesome bike, 82 model, first with the plastic tank. Ugly as sin now, but back in the day the yellow tank and blue seat were hot as.

    I used to ride it almost every day, i lived in a small country town and had no issues with neighbours or finding somewhere to ride. Miles in every direction.

    Wish i had never sold it :(
  9. First bike I ever threw my leg over was a RM80 as well. Crazy times where had tearing around some big cattle properties out in western queensland.

    Progressed onto a YZ80 and then to a very old yet fun XL185. Tried in vain to keep up with my mates on their new CR125 and XR250. Always turned out to be a cracker of a day :LOL:
  10. My one and only dirt bike was an XT250 Yammie, more of a road/trail but not real good at either.

    I have not so fond memories of riding from Sale to Melbourne and back, the mongrel was shod with knobby tyres...... and I thought I was going to have buggered kidneys for life.
  11. My first (and current) bike: a DT175.

    I had no idea they were so popular back in the day. "The day" being the period of time in which everyone else learnt to ride... from the HART instructors at both my Ls and Ps courses (different guys for each course) through to the few people here it seems they were a pretty popular choice for a first bike.
  12. What year is your DT175 rodgerdodger? I must admit I have a bit of a soft spot for the mighty DT's. After the 175 I bought a brand new DT125 Lc -an '84 or '85. That was a brilliant little bike. I managed to put just over 30,000kms on that tough little b#gger & all I ever did was change spark plugs & air filters. No kidding. All my mates tried to kill it & more than a few people learnt to ride on it. Every time we went for a ride some bikeless person got to come along & ride it after I started to aquire a bit of a collection. Geez we had some fun :grin: (the bike collecting habit started many years ago & shows no sign of easing off :shock: )
    A few years later I bought the 200 version & flogged that to death, rebuilt the engine (crank, rod, forged piston, bearings etc etc) Sold it to a mate & it's still going strong (even after his daughter shoved a hose up the exhaust pipe & filled it with water) :shock: :shock: Who said 2 strokes are unreliable? :LOL: :LOL:
    Strange thing is -of all the bikes I have owned, road & dirt, the only ones I've bought new (and ever had insured) have been dirt/trail bikes. Shows where my priorities lay I guess :LOL: :LOL:
    I don't know how long motard or supermoto has been around but I & a couple of mates were doing it over 20 years ago. Trail bikes got trials tyres fitted (nice soft compound) & we hit the hills. Waited for the dudes on sport bikes to appear & then proceeded to carve them up in the tight twisty stuff. Shit that was fun :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Had a quick look and couldn't see any BSA Bantoms there :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  15. A Suzuki TU 250. Small and cute.

    It's still gathering cobwebs in the garage.
  16. An Ossa trials bike (250) back in the late 60's. Actually belonged to a friend of mine but I had it on a very extended loan. Tried competing in trials but I wasn't really good - and I had to return the Ossa when he came back from OS :cry: - but the skills I learned have stood me in good stead ever since.

    Also had a Bultaco Lobito. The Lobito was real fun. 6 volt electrics crappy lights and (sort of) road legal but absolutely thrashable.

    When I lived in the Riverland I had a Montesa Capra. Loud, fast and heaps of fun :LOL: :LOL: