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Is the Family Law Court for real?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Now, in a further erosion of separated father's rights of access to their children, mothers will be able to move anywhere they like in the world and (forever, if they wish) prevent fathers from access, as long as they, the mothers, sign up to Skype so the fathers can 'see' the children.....

    The mind boggles.


  2. just my personal opinion, skype doesnt cut it as parental access...
    thats a bit sad to be honest
  3. Fathers can apply to the courts to stop this.
  4. quick question... do you think itd be the same if a father left with a child and offered a mother skype access?..

    im very much one to hear both sides of a story, but more and more these days it seems dads get shafted
  5. Nothing in the report indicates that, but if you know so, then that will be good.
  6. My guess is that this concept would have to be applied equitably, but the number of fathers suiciding each year because they can't see their children would seem to indicate that the court is heavily biased in favour of the mother, rather than the father.
  7. Guys, it's a media beat up.
    I know a of a few blokes who applied to the courts to stop their ex partners from moving interstate. It's a rubber stamp job.
  8. perhaps its a media beat-up, but bias against fathers in family court is no secret. its the same here, in the US, in britain, most of europe for all i know.
  9. And totally unenforcable.

    Mother and kids move OS. Mother severs all contact with father. father applies to court. Court does bugger all as it's not in its jurisdiction.

    Given that family courts rarely enforce visitation rights here in Oz it's hard to expect that they'd try it overseas.

    What we need are a few family court judges to be properly reamed like the poor bastards that they inflict their grossly unfair judgements on. Maybe then some equity will be seen in these decisions of theirs.
  10. It also doesn't help that if the mother denies visitation to the father , even though there is a court order detailing such , that the police can do absolutely nothing to enforce such orders. Non custodial parents have very little rights in the family court system.
  11. The thing that pisses me off about this is that many women use their kids to get back at their exes, never considering how this is going to affect them long term.

    When I split with my ex we had one massive argument, then sat down and sorted out what would be best for our son. The result is that now we can honestly say we a good friends and that our son has never seen us argue, hell he still spends Christmas with me and my family.

    Its not hard to do when you are willing to put your own crap to the side and put the kids first. Kids need BOTH parents in their life, unless there is a genuine threat to their safety and wellbeing.

    You might be able to talk and see each other over Skype, but that doesnt and can never replace a real hug from a parent. The woman should be smacked over the head for even suggesting something so stupid.

    Thats my two cents...
  12. My kids split up my son with me my daughters with Mother couldnt stop it she couldnt handle son. Now he is on way to ADFA to be a pilot.

    A+++++++ Student daugters not so lucky, she cant move overseas cant even move out of parents house I pay for my girls every cent im supposed to and contact all the time but courts did decide.

    I have another life work hard pay my bills live interstate and still ensure I maintain relationship with my girls, Mother rarely contacts son and when she soes sheis usually in coherent wasted.
  13. Skype - is there anything it cant do.....amazing. Tell me - what ****** planet do these judges reside on.

    Absolutely pathetic.

    So a webcam and sutiable software can make a real relationship with your kids......

    Lets run with that thought - so if I subscribe to www.hotnakedwebcamgirls.com have I entered a real relationship with them and if so does that allow them to therefore apply to the courts to have access to my assets when I cancel my subscription? If thats not real then why would it be real for seeing my kids.

    The family law / federal magistrates court is an absolute joke when it comes to making decisions which allow children to have 2 parents.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Thanks :)

    It IS possible to have a good parenting arrangement with an ex, like all things it takes open communication.

    Hope the laws change for the better and soon.
  15. Credit where credit is due, Kishy. Good one, bloke.
  16. Hey thanks guys :) I really appreciate the sentiments!

    So maybe its time to get the a$$ groove happening in the chair because I'll be sticking around lol